Group 10: Team [email protected]

Group 10: Team [email protected]
1. Bipul Biplav Mukherjee
2. Manish K. Shukla
3. Axit D. Gandhi
4. Vikas Kundu
Aadhaar Transactions
The “Personification” of “Team-Work”
Top 4 !deas.
Aadhaar Transactions
Aadhaar based security system.
Aadhaar card based Enrollment System
Aadhaar Based Voting Systems
Problem Statement
• Although ATM has become quite ubiquitous today, there is still a
practical limit on the number of ATMs around you.
• Also, it’s quite common to encounter Card clashes, i.e. when your
retailer doesn’t accepts your Smart card.
• We formulated all these problems, and finally define our problem
statement as :
“People now a days need a uniform means for performing
daily cash transactions because of lack of uniformity and security in
the current approaches.”
Aadhaar Transactions At Glance
• We Propose a System, wherein a single aadhaar card can substitute any
number of ATM cards and also will reduce the flow and requirement of
carrying hard cash.
• It basically involves associating each and every bank account of every aadhaar
card holder to his UID number, which further will allow the card holder to make
transactions using any of this bank accounts
• The Proposed system will allow you to
carry out all of your commercial or
personal transactions, using just your
Aadhaar card and a portable device.
• The Transactions can be both inwards &
Outwards, i.e. can be either receipt or
Working of Aadhaar Transactions
Aadhaar Transactions
[Aadhaar Transaction Devices]
Proposed Model of the ATD
The Touch Screen Panel
that will be used for
user interaction.
The Thumb Scanning
Panel that will be used
for retrieving
corresponding UID
Steps to use ATDs
Enter Your UID
number and
activate your
Buy the ATD
Set Your
Primary Bank
Account that
will be used for
You're now
ready to use
your card and
device for any
payments and
Steps to use Proposed device
Payments :
Cashier provides you with the ATD.
Swipe your thumb on the thumb panel to retrieve your aadhaar card details.
select your bank account from which you want to make the payment.
select the amount, confirm and the required amount will be credited to the
retailer’s account.
Receipts :
Offer your ATD to the paying party.
Make Sure he enters the correct amount for payment.
As soon as he confirms the payment, your default bank account will be
credited with the respective amount.
Tools Of Creativity : Fish Bone Diagram
•ATM Machine failure
•Chances of Thefts
•Continuous Monitoring
and Maintenance
• Forgetting PIN
•Losing ATM Card
•Mishandling the ATM
Problems in
•Card deteriorate
•Hard cashes prone to
wear and tear
•Lack of Multi ATM support
•Card swipe problems
Tools Of Creativity : Six Thinking Hats
 ATM machine requires costly infrastructure.
 Around 40% of railway tickets are booked online.
 27% of the transactions are aborted because the receiving
party does not accept the payment card.
 Happy : If all transaction can be carried out without any
 Relief : No need to carry any hard cash.
 Can be used commercially as well as for personal use.
 Hand held devices can be build at an affordable price.
 Can target classes as well as masses.
• Hand held device should be handled carefully.
• Common man should be given proper knowledge about
using hand held device.
• Cash cannot be withdrawn.
• Can be used for payments and receipts.
• Can be used across multiple bank accounts.
• Active bank account tracking.
• We can retrieve our transaction records.
• After considering all the factors, we conclude that the current
complex transaction payment system can be easily substituted
by a more flexible, easy to use system, in a feasible manner.
Cost Specifications of Aadhaar Transactions
 Approximate cost of the ATD : Rs. 3000
 A Continuous internet Connection : Max. Rs. 200
 Total -Rs. 3200.
Help needed. !
• Separate Departments where people can register their bank
accounts with their UID.
• Spread awareness regarding this product through
Advertisements, seminars, campaigns etc.
• Collaboration with an electronic company for producing the
• Support from Government and Different Banks
• Internet Connection.
• Necessity to carry hard cash is considerably reduced.
• We can use this system in both commercial ways and
personal ways.
• We can pay toll tax, salary, bills, debts and virtually do
anything that hard cash can.
• ATD is affordable for anyone to own it.
• We can use it in restaurants, malls, theaters and even at
grocery shop or “sabji-mandi”
• More safe.
• No fear of wear and tear.
Future Prospects
• We can set up transactions limit in our device.
• If transaction exceeds the defined limit , then notification will
be sent.
• In case we lose our device somewhere, mechanism can be set
to trace our device.
• We can retrieve our transaction history over a certain period
of time.
• Based on the sophistication to which aadhaar card services
are taken, this device will adapt itself accordingly.

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