Traditional Polish dishes

Bigos is the traditional dish, made in Poland, known also as a hunter’s stew. The dish is
based on sauerkraut and more than one type of meat. The recipe include also sausages,
plenty of black pepper, dried or brown mushrooms and tomato puree (dried tomatoes).
We add different types of meat to bigos: pork (often smoked), ham, bacon, sausage and
beef. In many houses in Poland bigos, as a dish, has many recipes. It may be seasoned
with salt, pepper, juniper berries, bay leaf, marjoram, pimenta, dried or smoked plums,
and other ingredients. Bigos is served with bread, as a hot appetizer or snack.
Bigos can be kept in a cool place or refrigerated and then reheated later. It is said that its
flavour actually intensifies when reheated.
Chitterlings is a traditional Polish dish. There is in the form of thick soup.
To prepare tripe we need to use all parts of beef stomach. Chitterlings contain a lot of
Soup is usually served spicy. In each region, methods of preparation are different from each
other. Spices include: salt, black pepper, sweet paprika, and marjoram.
Traditional Polish dish. Pork in bread crumbs.
Ingredients: bread crumbs, egg, spices, lard or oil, flour and pork.
For a typical Polish classic Sunday dinner is considered to be chicken noodle soup and pork
chop with fried potatoes and sauerkraut.
Rolls are a type of meat dishes. The word "roll" is the determination of the type of cakes.
Mainly it gets them out of beef, but can also be from other meat.
The ingredients are usually stuffing: bacon, sausage, cucumber, onion.
It is seasoned with salt, pepper and mustard.
In the Upper Silesia region it is usually served with red cabbage (śl. modro kapusta ) and
potatoes or Silesian dumplings.
Traditional Polish dish. Soup is prepared on the basis of yeast.
Sometimes it is served with cream. You can eat it with the addition of mushrooms.
In each region, a way of preparing it is a bit different.
In some regions it is served in a hollow loaf of bread.
Traditional Polish dish. Soup is based on vegetable or meat broth.
Can be added the pieces of meat, dried mushrooms, potatoes or buckwheat buried.
Doves are very popular in Polish cuisine. Doves are made from lightly soft boiled cabbage
leaves, wrapped around stuffing. The dish can be made of porridge, pork or beef meat,
onions, rice. Stuffed cabbage is fried. Sometimes doves are served with tomato sauce.

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