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• Free Sourcing
• Quality Control
• Logistics, door to door
• Free Sourcing
• Quality Control
• Logistics, door to door
Free Sourcing
‘Sourcing’ basically is finding new suppliers and/or products.
This process is free of charge for every (new) partner of Check
On Asia.
We source the best products and suppliers for you and your
company. During the process you will cooperate with your
personal account manager from Check On Asia. It will save
both time and costs when you use this service from Check On
• Free Sourcing
• Quality Control
“ How does somebody
know what they want
if they haven’t even
seen it? ”
• Logistics, door to door
Trade missions
Check On Asia finds suitable
suppliers for you throughout Asia.
We can assist you with your
visit to a potential supplier.
Because we have years of
experience we are able to
effectively support the purchase
Together we will visit the factories
accompanied by a worker that speaks
your language and the language of the
factory owner.
• Free Sourcing
• Quality Control
• Logistics, door to door
Quality Control
Check On Asia performs quality controls at factories. Visiting their website is one of our ways to do
desk research. Sometimes there is a ‘small’ difference between their website and the factory.
Website supplier
• Free Sourcing
• Quality Control
When we arrived at the factory
• Logistics, door to door
Quality control
Check On Asia offers the following QC’s:
• Check if the order is understood
Check the specifications, planning, materials and production. We make sure the order is fully understood.
• Inspection at the start of a production
When 20% of the products are finished. We inspect the production speed, production process and materials.
• Production monitoring
The time schedule and the quality of the materials will be inspected daily and if needed adjusted.
• Pre-shipment inspection
When 80% of the products are finished an experienced inspector will inspect the products.
• Container loading check
We random inspect your products and check if everything is properly labeled,
numbered and documented according to your standards.
• Free Sourcing
• Quality Control
• Logistics, door to door
Check On Asia Offers:
• Factory audit
We check whether the factory meets your standards and whether they have appropriate certifications and
licenses. Can your factory deliver products that fulfill your demands in terms of planning, communication,
production capacity, knowledge, innovation, documentation and shipping?
• Social audit
For your organization it can be important to know what the working environment is like at your factory.
You do not want to discover afterwards that the working conditions were extremely poor during the
production or that children were involved in the process. During this inspection the working environment
and circumstances will be inspected. Our inspector will inspect these four main aspects: Health, Safety,
Quality & Environment.
• Free Sourcing
• Quality Control
• Logistics, door to door
Logistics, door to door
We are experts when it comes to
transportation of your freight. We
collect your products at the supplier
and deliver it to the desired
destination by ship, plane or
express. We take care of the local
customs and declaration of your
consignment and deliver it right to
the destination you want.
In short: Transportation from door
to door without any surprises.
• Free Sourcing
8 Chinese ports are in the top 10
of largest ports in the world. The
largest port is in Shanghai, China.
• Quality Control
• Logistics, door to door
Businessmen all over the world
• Ready to invest short-term for
mid-term profit
• Does not talk about politics
• Will never tell you the real
reason for which he fails or
• Will test you 10 times before taking
real risk with you
• Will over-promise and under-deliver
• Will always explain why he fails
Is simple and straight-forward
• Will pay on time
• Will leave you when you do
not deliver
• Free Sourcing
Will always argue negotiate
• Will pay late
• Will be loyal even if you fail
• Quality Control
• Logistics, door to door
The companies below are partners of CheckOnAsia. They are one of the many companies that
import products from China.
Because of them and many other companies, China is the largest export country in the world.
• Free Sourcing
• Quality Control
• Logistics, door to door
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• Free Sourcing
• Quality Control
• Logistics, door to door

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