English 9 Midterm Review

English 9
Midterm Review
• Literary Terms/Devices flash cards
• Midterm Study Guide with literary terms and vocabulary
words handouts
• Your class folder with old tests, study guides, vocabulary
for “The Sniper,” “The Necklace,” and “The Gift Of The
• Summaries, vocabulary words, discussion questions for
The Odyssey
• Bring your completed midterm Study Guide, Lit. Terms
sheets and Vocabulary sheets back to class with you on
the day of the midterm! (Worth extra points on your
• Select one of the two writing prompts at the
back of your midterm Study Guide
• Read over the essay grading rubric so you know
what is expected
• Use your preferred graphic organizer (I gave you
a few), an outline, or bullet point notes to plan
your ideas for your essay
• Bring your plans to class – planning your essay in
advance will help you to organize and remember
your ideas and examples you want to use.
• Once you select your essay prompt,
brainstorming will help you think of ideas
you may want to write about.
• First, list your brainstorming ideas
• Select one that you can use as your thesis
Thesis Statement
• For a three-paragraph essay, your thesis
statement doesn’t need to contain three
ideas, but you do need to have a main idea.
• State a main idea that is a response to the
prompt. You might want to brainstorm some
possible responses first, then pick the one
you like best.
Introductory Paragraph
• The first (introductory) paragraph of your
essay should introduce the literary work that
you are writing about.
• Mention the name of the work, and give
some background information.
• End your introductory paragraph with your
thesis statement.
Body Paragraph
• In the body paragraph, give some
evidence and details to support your
thesis statement.
• Plan the details you will use in your
essay on your graphic organizer
• (You may use the book while writing
your essay during the midterm for
• Wrap up your essay, re-state your thesis
statement and end with an insight, such
as what the story taught you
• Use my web site “Links” page to find vocabulary
definitions and literary terms definitions :
• http://www.lcps.org/Page/74736
• Read over your Midterm Study Guide and do the
practice questions
• Quiz yourself on the literary terms and devices with
your flash cards
• Go over old tests, quizzes, study guides
• Go over “Words of the Day”
• Read the summaries of Books 1, 9 – 12, 21-23

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