Unit 1 Assignment 4
Aims and Objectives P4
• Mission Statements- setting the purpose of
the organisation
• Aims – to help the business achieve their
strategic plans. Different sectors have different
• Objectives- these are aims that are broken
down to make them more achievable
• SMART- this tool helps a business to ensure
their aims are achievable.
Aims and Objectives
• Influencing factors;
– Stakeholders- stakeholders will influences business and
influence the aims and objectives that they set.
– Business environment- the external environment, e.g. The
recession will affect the focus and aims of a business
– Business type and who owns it- the owner and their
personal beliefs and aims will affect the overall business
– Business Structure- the functional areas and business
organisational structure will affect the aims a business set,
how the business is organised will impact on the functional
areas work together and meet the business aims.
Aims and Objectives
• For TWO contrasting businesses research their
aims and objectives.
• Describe 2 aims and objectives for each business
• Explain if the objectives are SMART
• Explain the four different factors that affect a
business and the aims they set.

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