Lifestyle Medicine 101

Lifestyle Medicine 101
Presented by ACLM Professionals in Training
Executive Board 2014
Thomas Edison once said...
What is Lifestyle Medicine?
Lifestyle Medicine (LM) is the use of lifestyle
interventions in the treatment and management of
Such interventions:
stress management
smoking cessation
a variety of other non-drug modalities
Hippocrates once said...
When can I use LM?
LM is becoming the preferred modality for not only the
prevention but also the treatment of most chronic diseases,
Type 2 diabetes
Coronary heart disease
Insulin resistance syndrome
and many types of cancer
Why Lifestyle Medicine?
• “Today, 7 in 10 deaths in the U.S. are related
to preventable diseases such as obesity,
diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease
and cancer. Another striking fact is that 75% of
our health care dollars are spent treating such
diseases. However, only 3% of our health care
dollars go toward prevention.” - American Public
Health Association
Value Statement
From the ACLM:
Lifestyle practices and health habits
are among the nation’s most
important health determinants.
Changing unhealthy behaviors is
foundational to medical care,
disease prevention, and health
The physician’s trusted relationship
with the patient, with the support of
the family, an interdisciplinary team
and the community is the key to
improving health behaviors and
How Can We Get Started?
Start a Lifestyle Medicine
Interest Group!

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