BYOx sample parent presentation (PPT, 370KB)

NB: Schools will need to customise before use
• The following slides are available as a sample presentation to parents.
• Please modify or delete as required to suit your school community or
• A number of these slides will require school specific information prior
to use.
• In the notes view, more detailed information is provided to assist you
in the preparation of your school specific presentation.
• Visit the BYOx web site for support materials and planning
Sample school parent presentation
• Why consider BYOx?
• How will BYOx work at this school?
• Student and parent responsibilities.
Why consider BYOx?
What is BYOx?
• BYOx describes a digital device ownership model where students or
staff use their privately owned devices to access the network and
information systems in an educational setting.
The ‘x’ in BYOx refers to:
• the device
• the software
• the applications
• the connectivity or carriage service.
Why BYOx?
• Information anytime and anywhere.
• Maximising opportunity for success in school and beyond.
A BYOx program promotes:
• skills for 21st century
• responsible digital citizenship
• staff and students
• investigating, creating and communicating using information communication
technologies (ICTs)
• operating with ICTs effectively and efficiently
• engagement in learning.
Specific benefits may include:
• personalised learning
• improved collaboration
• greater choice and independence for students
• increased enthusiasm for lifelong learning
• seamless integration of technology between home and school
• 24/7 access to learning
• increased access to online instructional materials
• using technology as a part of every day life.
How will BYOx work at this
School vision
• School name has as its vision ….insert school or eLearning vision)
(insert link to this information on school website)
School name BYOx program
• Provide a brief outline of 1-to-1 program including your pedagogical
Normalisation of ICT at school name
• Activity 1
• Activity 2
• Activity 3
• Activity 4
• Activity…
• Comment 1
• Comment …
How are the devices used in the classroom?
• Curriculum driven
Device selection model
• Outline your device selection model
Device connectivity
• Wireless access provided?
• Technical support provided?
• Device registration?
Technical solution
• Outline your technical solution
Security: Access to the internet on the school’s
• user authentication required (user name and password)
• ‘Galactic’ filtering allows filters to be applied at a very specific level.
Schools are able to match appropriate web content to different year
levels and users.
• school level access restrictions apply.
Student and parent
Security: Access to the internet when not on
the school’s network
• sole responsibility of parent/family.
• school filters do not apply when not on the school’s network.
• home access is determined by the parent/family.
Device use
• Parents and students:
• read and sign the BYOx charter
• endorse the acceptable use agreement.
Device security, theft and damage
Parents and students are responsible for device security, care and
maintenance so need to consider factors such as:
• virus protection is mandatory for connection to the school’s network
• protective bag/case
• storage when not in use
• accidental damage insurance
• theft and loss insurance.
• accidents happen
• warranty period?
• replacement device?
• battery life?
Battery charging
• who is responsible?
• workplace health and safety?
Are students more distracted by having their
own devices in school?
• Conditions of use in the classroom
• Classroom management practices
Inappropriate device use
• consequences
• restrictions to use of device and school network access
• Responsible Behaviour Plan.
What if a student does not have a personally
owned BYOx device?
• What school access will be available?
• Will a take-home option be available?
Community engagement
• information evenings
• school website / online resources
• parent forums
• timelines for implementation.

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