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Soft Skills
Leaders Guide
Welcome and Introductions
3 min
What are soft skills ?
“Is it something that I said?”/Did?
Allow 1 min
Top 10 Soft Skills
Strong Work Ethic
Ask your self if you have
Positive Attitude
any one or all of these
Good Communication
skills .Can you have one
without the other? The
Time Management
next few slides will help
you discover where you
Problem Solving Skills
are with your soft skills .
Acting As A Team Player
Ability To Accept And Learn From Criticism
Allow 2 min
Work Well Under Pressure
Strong Work Ethic
• Are you motivated and dedicated to getting the job done, no
matter what? Will you be diligent and do your best work?
Think for a moment before
you answer these
questions. Are you a clock
watcher ? Are you willing
to stay later if needed? If
you answered yes ,the
next question is; Is it A.
motivation ,passion and
drive that makes you
stay? Or is it B. pay? If it
is A you are well on your
Allow 2 min
Positive Attitude
• Are you optimistic and upbeat? Will you
generate good energy and good will?
Optimistic: Positive ; Confident ; Cheerful
Pessimistic: Negative ; Cynical ;Unenthusiastic
Have Participants fill in the blanks: Is it possible to be to be optimistic all the time?
Does our human nature do tend to be pessimistic on occasion. The answer to this is
look at your self and make a choice, if the situation is not so idea can it be reversed?
Can you find a win win in it? Is it ok sometimes to agree to disagree?
Allow 2 min
Good Communication Skills
Are you both verbally articulate and a good listener? Can you make
your case and express your needs in a way that builds bridges with
colleagues, customers and vendors?
Allow 10 min
Give the Read and Do
Test . Allow no
conversation during this
exercise .Allow only 3
minute complete give
little to no directions
only the sheet. Watch as
participants discover if
they are good at
following directions
which is a part of good
communication. Allow 3
Min for discussion. How
did people feel after this
exercise? How well did
they do?
Time Management Abilities
• Do you know how to prioritize tasks and
work on a number of different projects at
once? Will you use your time on the job
Questions To ask yourself:
•If your start time @ work is 8:00 are you just walking in the door @ 8 or are you
ready to work @ your proper location?
•Do you welcome interruptions if you are working on a specific task? i.e. Fred comes
in with a new project and you are currently working on something with a dead line.
Do you hear Fred out or do you become frustrated and sulk at the thought of being
Keys to good time management:
•Do you plan your day ,allowing for the What If’s?
•Do you have a method of Time Management such as a Planner / At A Glance Daily
Calendar /Palm Pilot ?
Allow 3 min
Problem-Solving Skills
• Are you resourceful and able to creatively
solve problems that will unavoidably arise?
Will you take ownership of problems or leave
them for someone else?
This question goes hand in hand with time
management. If you can prioritize there is plenty of
room for creativity /problem solving and taking
ownership and allowing time for corrections if things
have grey areas and needs modification. When we
tend not to allow time for this it is ease to try to pass
the blame on someone else.
Allow 2 min
Acting as a Team Player
Will you work well in groups and teams? Will you be cooperative and
take a leadership role when appropriate?
Talk about the
illustration in
this slide. Get
comments if
Allow 1 min
• Do you truly believe you can do the job? Will
you project a sense of calm and inspire
confidence in others? Will you have the
courage to ask questions that need to be
asked and to freely contribute your ideas?
Read this question and allow your audience to think
for a minute. And answer the question on their own?
No discussion needed for this one.
Allow 1 min for this task.
Ability to Accept and Learn From Criticism
• Will you be able to handle criticism? Are you coachable and
open to learning and growing as a person and as a
Talk about the illustration in this slide. Get comments if any.
Read this question and allow your audience to think for a
minute. And answer the question on their own? No
discussion needed for this one.
Allow 1 min for this task.
• Are you able to adapt to new situations and
challenges? Will you embrace change and be open
to new ideas?
Read this question and allow your
audience to think for a minute. And
answer the question on their own? No
discussion needed for this one.
Allow 1min
Working Well Under Pressure
• Can you handle the stress that accompanies
deadlines and crises? Will you be able to do
your best work and come through in a
Give Stress Management test
This scale shows the kind of life pressure that you are facing. Depending on your coping skills or
the lack thereof, this scale can predict the likelihood that you will fall victim to a stress related
illness. The illness could be mild - frequent tension headaches, acid indigestion, loss of sleep to
very serious illness like ulcers, cancer, migraines and the like. All are things that can affect your
daily work routine.
0-149 Low susceptibility to stress-related illness
150-299 Medium susceptibility to stress-related illness.
300 and over High susceptibility to stress-related illness
Ask participants to close there eyes and relax as you read : All I ever needed to know
Allow 15min
Soft Skills
When job-hunting, focus on the skills most likely to interest the
prospective employer and learn to demonstrate these skills through
your resume, in an interview or in dealing with potential employers at
career fairs or industry association gatherings.
For example, tell a story of how you successfully handled a crisis or
challenge at your company. Mention honors you received or even
bring along letters of thanks or commendation from an employer or
Remember, whether you are applying for a service position or a
technical job, it's your combination of core and soft skills that will set
you apart from the crowd!
Allow 2 min
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Allow 5 min
Rev.2/28/2008 DBC

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