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Experience of Turkmenistan in the
use of IEA for
Decision Making
Irina Mamiyeva
National priorities of sustainable
development of Turkmenistan:
► Continuous high speed economic growth;
► Further diversification of the national economy;
► Improvement demographic situation by means
high population growth as well as increase of
life expectancy;
► Increase in employment rate;
► Population income growth of, and its social
► Environmental security.
Principles of NEAP
► Provision
of environmental security;
► Conducive conditions created for people’s
life and environment;
► Rational use of natural resources and use of
resource efficient technologies to reduce the
impact on environment;
► Air, water and land resources protection as
well as the biological diversity and national
IEA Development
Preparation and discussion of IEA
engaged experts from interested
ministers and agencies, CSO (Women
Union, Youth, mass media and
network of lawyers)
Impact of IEA
covered all priority environmental issues
of Turkmenistan;
► Efficiency of response measures has been
► As a result recommendation developed that
will be presented to the Government.
IEA identified:
► Shortcomings
in environmental legislation, state
environmental regulations, including in
hydrocarbon resources production;
► Lack
of information on environment, including on
protected areas;
► National
policy on planting trees and creation of
“green belts” around the cities is important step
towards biodiversity protection, improving the
quality of air in the cities and environment in
IEA triggered:
► Development
of recommendations to the
Government on improvement of legislation;
► Adoption
of Statute on hydrocarbon resources
(based on this Statute all projects are subject to
► Development
of a concept of a unified interagency
environmental information system;
monitoring and reporting to the
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