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Our History
• Established in the UK
in 1981.
• The voice for disabled
people’s organisations
regionally and
• Formerly known as the British Council of
Disabled People (BCODP).
• Part of Disabled People International (DPI).
Our Achievements
• Creating and funding the National Centre for
Independent Living (NCIL).
• From 1981 campaigned to bring down the levels
of poverty faced by disabled people.
• Positively affected
national legislation,
including the Community
Care (Direct Payments)
Act (1996).
Current Projects
• Our values and passion for equal rights for all
disabled people remains the same.
• We work closely with partners in the fight for
equal justice and improved human rights.
• We work both within the UK and throughout the
rest of the world.
UN Convention on the Rights of
Persons with Disabilities
• UKDPC has its own
International Committee that
promotes our goals in this area.
• Our priorities are to:
o Promote the human rights of
disabled people
o Provide a strong voice for
DPOs in the UK.
o Represent Civil Society
under Article 33.3
Capacity Building
• Providing skills training.
• Running networking events (to enable
sharing of best practice).
• Building a resource section
for Disabled People’s
Organisations (DPOs).
• Providing news and
information of relevance to
Our Future Goals
• Working with strategic
partners, including Disability
LIB (Listen, Include, Build).
• Promoting key issues such
as independent living and
engaging less represented
• Monitoring the
implementation of CRPD at
grass-roots level
Disability Rights Watch UK
Disability Rights Watch UK

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