Council Of International Students Australia (CISA)

Council of International Students Australia
Thank You
Thank you for the opportunity for the voice of CISA to be
heard at this event.
I am Tong Sheng Ch’ng, 2013/2014 National President of
CISA but everyone calls me Thomson.
About CISA
The Council of International Students Australia (CISA) is
the national peak student representative body for all
international students studying in Australia.
The main purpose of CISA is to:
• Advocate for the interests and needs of international
• Advocate for high quality education for international
• Facilitate network building (and business
development) among stakeholders with an interest in
supporting international students
Key Activities
• Host an annual national forum for International
Students, Government and the International
Education Industry
• Provide a means of consulting and engaging with
international students
• Host future international student roundtable
events in partnership with various government
• Promote cross-cultural awareness and
interactions in Australia
• Advocate for equitable, non-racist, nondiscriminatory law reform and practices
concerning international students
Good Practice Program
• Designed to guide Education Providers on
‘best practice’ within the sector, with a
focus on enhancing a ‘positive student
experience’ and attracting more and higher
quality students to Australia
• CISA is seeking commitment to the program
from industry stakeholders
‘Good Practice’ Summary
• Recruitment
o Contracted credible Agents with transparent arrangements
o Agents being discouraged from taking payments/commissions for
accommodation, student welfare and OSHC
o Prospective students being provided with trends regarding
opportunities for employment related to education course
• Pre-arrival and post-arrival Information
o Evidence of an accountable online comprehensive pre-departure
‘living and studying in Australia’ orientation program accessible to all
international students from pre-arrival to end of visa
o Multiple language translations available in pre-arrival orientation
o After hours support line 24/7 for international students post-arrival
Student Welcome Services
• An initiative of Allianz Global Assistance, student
welcome services aims to enhance the student
experience by providing thorough pre and post
arrival orientation and education
• CISA contributed to the development of SWS and
proudly supports the initiative
‘Good Practice’ Summary
• Upon Arrival
o Ensure students are appropriately welcomed
o Encourage airport transfers
• Accommodation
o Ensure recommendations are qualified and meet
industry standards (e.g. homestay)
o Ensure referrals for rental accommodation have
been vetted
o Institutions support for students being
disadvantaged in accommodation
‘Good Practice’ Summary
• Transport
o Education provider support for international student
discounts inline with domestic students
o Transparency in cost of transportation preacceptance
• Under 18 Welfare
o Ensure that the guardian/welfare provider is
professional and independent of institution and
accommodation provider
‘Good Practice’ Summary
• Managing Post-study options
o Commitment to exiting students outcomes and options
o Commitment to reducing visa extension costs
o Assistance with reverse culture shock for students returning
• Enhancement of positive student experience
o Ongoing support for promoting international students as
employees and support with fair work practices
o Assistance with integration and acceptance of international
students in the community
o Commitment to the international students voice in Australia
and staff and student representation at the CISA Conference
Education Providers
• Institutions adopting the key elements of
the CISA Good Practice Program will
receive a marketing advantage through
being able to use the CISA endorsement
• CISA would like to work with education
providers to help build their business by
continual work on their good, better, best
practice initiatives
Moving Forward
• CISA is visiting Education Providers and peak bodies
across the country to present and seek
commitment to the Good Practice Program
• CISA will review the program regularly to ensure that
it continues to address current international student
issues within the industry
“I am not Australian, but I have an
Australian story”
• An initiative of the Council of International Students
Australia (CISA)
• This project is funded by the Australian Government
Department of Immigration and Citizenship through
the Diversity and Social Cohesion Program
• Officially launched at CISA’s National Conference
in July 2013
My Story Project
• It is designed to raise awareness about international
students’ presence and their participation in and
contribution to the Australian community
• The project highlights the voluntary and social
development work international students are
involved in, as well as the way they advocate for
other students.
• In the project videos, students tell their own stories,
describe the challenges and opportunities they see
and express their feelings towards Australia.
My Story Project
• At CISA’s National Conference we filmed students
during the lunch break
• There are 3 more lunchtime snapshots currently and
more will be added
• Tell your friends and students!
“My Study, My Career”
Snapshots continued…
Thank you and Questions
Council of International Students Australia

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