Montclair CITI – New User Instructions

Ext. 7781
2. Click on Register Here for New Users (If you are not a new
user you may log in with your existing account and affiliate with
Next Page: Complete Registration Steps 1-7.
1. Select MSU as the participating institution u7nder Item 1 and Ignore all other
questions under Item 1.
2. Item 2: Set up username and password.
3. Item 3: Set up security question and answer
4. Item 4: Provide name
5. Item 5: Provide email
6. Item 6: Select No for CME/CEU Credits
7. Item 7: Select Yes or No to survey.
Hit Submit.
Next page: Member Information - Montclair State University
Complete: Language Preference, Institutional email Address, net id, department
and role in research and hit Submit.
Next page: Select Curriculum - Montclair State University
Only Question 5 Laboratory Animal Welfare applies. Choose : “Working with the
IACUC Course.”
Page: Select Curriculum - Montclair State University
Question 1. Human Subjects Research: Select ‘ Not at this time, Thank you’
Question 3. HIPS: Select 'Not at this time, Thank you'.
Question 4. Responsible Conduct of Research: Select 'Not at this time, Thank you'.
Click Continue.
This will take you to the Main Menu. Enter into the assigned
course by clicking on the course.
You must complete the Integrity Assurance Statement for the
course before beginning any modules.
Other Tips
 You do not need to complete all required modules at one
time. CITI will remember where you left off the next time
you log in.
You only need to complete Required Modules.
After reading the curriculum for each module, you have to
click on Take Quiz.
You can refer to the gradebook anytime to see how much
you have scored thus far.
You need a combined overall score of 80 for all modules.
You can re-take any single module that you got a low score
Printing a Completion Report
 When all modules are completed with an overall score
of >80%, CITI will issue you a “completion report.”
 At that point, your name and certification expiration
date will be entered in a database accessible to the
Compliance office.
Questions or Problems?
 Contact:
Hila Berger, Compliance Administrator
Ext. 7781
[email protected]

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