Tone at the Top!

We have our skills, our charisma,
our influence. We have what it takes
for good leadership.
We are ambassadors because
we represent something.
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@ Philmug Artists
@ Philmug Artists
Trust is earned!
It is trustworthiness that we cultivate!
It is integrity that we inculcate!
Take care of your character and your
reputation will take care of itself.
Character is what you are.
Reputation is what people think you are.
While we often wish
that our leaders can be as perfect as
possible, ultimately the choice to do good
and remain steadfast
is our own!
Our legacy is how
our own people
think of us;
our superiors,
our employees,
our friends,
our family,
our children,
our children’s
How do those
who know me
think of me?
What is your legacy?
Thus, no matter where we’re going,
it starts from where we are!
We can start from
our locus of influence:
our respective offices,
among the members
of our family, within
our clans, or among our
friends and associations.
And if everyone
does that, we all
help in expanding
the space for
Organization and Management
Managing people’s motivation in Pinoy Management
F. Landa Jocano, Filipino Behavior at Work (2001)
Filipino loob; may integridad!
Not Productive
(walang gana)
Nasiraan ng loob
Lakas ng loob/Tibay ng loob
(lack of self-confidence)
(courage to do the responsibilities)
Walang kusang loob
May kusang loob
(lack of initiative)
(exercises initiative)
May sama ng loob
Utang na loob
(sense of gratitude)
Tapat na loob
(honesty; integrity)
Nothing that I can do will change the
structure of the universe. But maybe,
by raising my voice I can help the greatest
of all causes ! - Albert Einstein
They say my work is just a drop in the ocean.
I say the ocean is made up of drops.
- Mother Theresa

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