23rd World Scout Jamboree
July 28 to August 8, 2015
Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City,
Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Pre Camp
4-day Pre-Camp in Hong Kong, situated on the
southeast coast of China, it is one of the world’s
most thriving and cosmopolitan cities.
Home Hospitality
We are offering it immediately after the Jamboree
to deepen the understanding of the
Japanese way of life and culture, and cultivate
mutual understanding.
Your birth date must be between
July 28, 1997 and July 27, 2001.
Each Scout gets the opportunity to attend
one World Jamboree as a participant!
A chance to meet Scouts and new friends
from around the world!
Attend with your group or join a
composite patrol for WJ15!
Composite Patrol Groups
Check our Facebook Page to meet other
Groups that need more individual members
Post on our Facebook Page to find a Group
That needs another member.
International Service Team
If interested, please go to our Scouts Canada
microsite and click on online registration
to apply.
Possible Impediments
to World Jamboree
Participation for Youth
The cost to attend is $5,995.
What it includes
• All
transportation: Return flights between Canada
and Japan and internal travel such as rail, train, bus, flight
or metro while in Hong Kong and Japan,
including all travel agent fees;
• A 4-day Pre-Camp in Hong Kong including
connecting flight and all transportation costs,
accommodation, activities and breakfasts;
What it includes
• The 10-day World Jamboree at Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi
City, Japan, including all tents and
equipment, all activities and three meals a day;
• Main meals and drinks on flights between
Canada and Japan;
• A branded Canadian Contingent Kit and
an official WJ uniform for all participants.
Need to raise $285 a month
from October 2013 until the Jamboree.
Establish a strong Group and/or Area
World Jamboree Organizing Committee
with a track record of successful past
fund raising activities.
Types of Fundraising
Simple Sales
Work Projects
Profit Sharing
Personal Projects
Grants and Bursaries
Fundraising Examples
Simple Sales examples
Food, crafts, Christmas trees, multi-tools,
First aid kits, mugs, etc.
Work Projects examples
Leaf raking, car wash, painting jobs,
Garden maintenance, after sale cleanup,
Door to door flyer drop, etc.
Fundraising Examples
Profit Sharing examples
Scout Popcorn sales, Scoutrees,
Group sales projects, Barbeques,
pancake breakfasts/suppers, etc.
Donations examples
Individuals in Community, service club
organizations, Business & Corporations,
Church communities, school organizations,
family/personal, etc.
Fundraising Examples
Personal Projects examples
Pop can recycling, redeemable beverage
containers, helping family and neighbours,
baby sitting, etc.
Grants & Bursaries examples
Community grant programs, award recognition
bursaries, corporate grant programs
Area Support
Establish a strong Area World Jamboree
Organizing Committee that reaches out
to all age-eligible youth and invites them to join
with other youth from the Area in order to
make up one or more composite patrol units.
The invitation should include identified
opportunities to participate
in Area fund raising.
Need to Advertise
Widespread advertising including
social media, Council/Area/Group
communications, personal contacts
with youth and/or families
(preferably 'and').
Scouts Canada
Canadian Contingent
Neither Scouts Canada nor the
World Scouting Organization
would ever put any member
of Scouting in a situation of risk.
Normally this is a parental concern.
Discuss with parents the nature of a Jamboree,
the unique opportunities it provides and
the very large number of youth and adults
who attend from all corners of the globe.
Ease parental fears and answer all questions
to the best of your ability.
A member of the Area Organizing Committee
should (or arrange for someone to) contact
the youth’s employer (with his or her consent)
and act as an advocate for the youth.
Employers are generally sympathetic to such
requests when they understand the full nature
of the World Jamboree event and the maturity
which often comes as a result of it.
Social Events
Area Organizing Committees might organize
a few social events such as bowling,
roller blading, pizza party or movie night
so that participating youth will get
to know each other.
Get-to-know-you camps or campfires are
also a good means of mixing. All of these events
are good opportunities to include the parents
of the youth and to have a WSJ
information update session.
Join us in Hong Kong
and Japan in 2015!
Register online today at

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