Baqarah_Lesson 31 Presentation

Lesson 31
Ayahs 229-233
Surah Baqarah
• The pronouncement of revocable divorce is only allowed twice;
then she should be allowed to stay with honor or let go with
kindness (after the third announcement).
• It is not lawful for husbands to take anything back which they
have given them except when both parties fear that they may
not be able to follow the limits set by Allah;
• Then if you fear that they both will not be able to keep the
limits of Allah. There is no blame if, by mutual agreement the
wife compensates the husband to obtain divorce.
• These are the limits set by Allah; do not transgress them, and
those who transgress the limits of Allah are the wrongdoers.
Ayah 229
Any gifts
can’t be taken
If the
can’t give
each other
their rights
The man has
been given the
right to
divorce, but
don’t ABUSE
this right
Ayah 229 – 2 Divorce
• Wife can give the mahr back to the husband to
obtain divorce
• Iddah is of 1 menstrual cycle NOT in the
husband’s house
• Khulaa should be for a genuine reason
• A woman can own wealth
Ayah 229 - Khulaa
• Supporting Dhulm is also Injustice;
Stand up for Justice!
• So if a husband divorces his wife three times, it
is not lawful for him to remarry her until after
she has married another man and gotten the
• In that case, there is no blame on either of them,
if they reunite in marriage, provided they think
that they can keep the limits of Allah. Such are
limits of Allah which He makes clear to the
people of understanding.
Ayah 230 – Final Divorce
• Talaaqul Bain – the final divorce
• The husband can’t ask the wife to return to
• The woman has to marry someone else with
permanence in mind;
• Concept of Halala: NOT ALLOWED; can’t
get married for a green card, citizenship or
with the intention to divorce immediately
Ayah 230
• When you have divorced women and they have reached
the end of their waiting period either allow them to stay
with honor or let them go with kindness;
• You should not retain them to harm them or to take
undue advantage; if anyone does that, he wrongs his
own soul.
• Do not take Allah’s revelations as a joke. Remember the
favors of Allah upon you and the fact that He sent down
the Book and wisdom for your guidance. Fear Allah and
know that Allah has knowledge of everything.
Ayah 231 – After the Final Divorce
• Do not hold your wife back just to harm/abuse her
so much so that she is forced to take khulaa
• Do not play around with the ayahs of Allah for your
own sake
• Saying divorce three times in one sitting
• I divorce you…just kidding!
• Remember the commands of Allah even in divorce;
it will benefit you in your personal life and family
Ayah 231
• When you harm someone, its as if
you are harming yourself
• Treat others as you want to be
Ayah 231
Wants to go
back to her
Wali: Ego
shouldn’t stop
Shouldn’t be
married off
without her
Ayah 232
Let them get
married; its
Not letting other
people marry
Can fall in
love again 
• The mothers shall breast-feed their offspring for two whole years if
the father wishes the breast feeding to be completed.
• The reasonable cost of their maintenance and clothing will be
the responsibility of the child’s father. No one should be
charged with more than they can afford. Neither a mother should
be made to suffer on account of her child nor a father on account of
his child.
• The father’s heirs are under the same obligation. But if, with
mutual agreement, they both decide to wean the child, there is
no blame on them. If you decide to have a foster mother for your
offspring, there is no blame on you provided you pay what you
have promised to pay in an honorable manner. Fear Allah and
beware that Allah observes your actions.
Ayah 233 – Nursing
• Mothers can nurse their babies
for up to 2 years (maximum)
• If you don’t breastfeed, there’s
no sin but there’s a lot of
benefits in it
• It’s a mutual thing between
mom and dad; talk about even
this amongst yourselves!
• Biological father: provides the
housing, clothes and food
during this time
• Both mother and father will
not be made to suffer because
of the child
Ayah 233
• Don’t use your kids as an excuse for
learning, teaching, doing anything
• “Because of my kids I can’t…”
Ayah 233
Next week…Lesson 32
inshAllah 
• As for those of you who die and leave
widows behind, let them abstain from
marriage for four months and ten days;
when they have reached the end of this
period, there is no blame on you for
what they do for themselves in a decent
manner. Allah is Aware of what you do.
Ayah 234 - Widows
• Widow waiting period is 4 months and 10 days
• Needs time to emotionally get over her husband’s death;
So you don’t rebound to another man
Ayah 234
can’t take
Not to wear
Going out
only for
Ayah 234 – Regulations of
Widows are
normal human
beings; have more
rights than even
single women!
Widows are
not bad luck;
Status of Widows
• There is no blame on you if you make a proposal of
marriage during their waiting period openly to keep it
in your hearts. Allah knows that you will naturally
cherish them in your hearts.
• However, be careful not to make any secret agreement,
and if you wish to marry speak to them in an honorable
manner. Do not confirm the marriage tie until the
prescribed waiting period expires. You should know
that Allah is Aware of what is in your hearts. So fear
Him. Bear in mind that Allah is Forgiving, Forbearing.
Ayah 235
• Getting married during the iddah, does not count as a
valid child
• A hint of a proposal is OKAY but no promise of the
• InshAllah Allah will bring a father for these children
• It will cause disturbance in the iddah; should she think
about her dead husband, prospective husband, or
Ayah 235
• Nowadays no one even thinks of
sending the widowed/divorced
woman a proposal because she’s seen
as “used” or “baggage”
• There is no blame on you if you divorce women before
the marriage is consummated or the dowry is settled. Pay
them something anyhow, the rich man
Ayah 236

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