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Chapters 9, 11 & 10
Locke & Demosthenes
 What do we learn about the
“Giant’s Drink” at the
beginning of the chapter and
how is it significant?
 Why did the Wiggin family
move to the country? Is it
What is Peter's scheme
and why does Valentine
agree to it?
What is a Hegemony?
Find some information about the following
 Demosthenes
 Pericles
 Locke
 Thomas Paine
 Bismark
 Lenin
Why does Graff approach
“The Loneliness
of power”
(Card, p.155)
 Graff gives Ender Dragon army,
but he talks about “rigged
games” – why is he willing to
break the rules?
Let’s talk about Bean…
 How is the relationship between
Ender and Bean like the relationship
between Graff and Ender?
“Poor kid. Nobody’s
treating him fair”
(Card, p.166)
How would you describe Ender’s
leadership style?
 Authoritarian or authoritative?
 How does he bring his group
 Why does he question his
What is the significance of the
interaction between Ender and
Alai at the end of the Chapter?
“I am only what I remember, and Alai is
my friend in a memory so intense that
they can’t tear him out. Like Valentine,
the strongest memory of all.” (p.171)
Veni, Vedi, Vici
Once again we learn things from
the opening dialogue:
What are they planning to do to Ender's army?
What is Graff worried about?
What is the political situation back on Earth?
“Even with less then four weeks
together, the way they fought
already seemed like the only
intelligent way, the only possible
way” (Card, p.178).
What are the main differences between
Ender's strategies for the game and
those used by other commanders?
Five toons with 8 soldiers each
Each toon has a leader and a sub-commander
The enemy’s gate is DOWN
They learn how to adapt, be flexible and think for
themselves…not just take commands
How then is Ender’s leadership style
as a commander coming through?
Is he Authoritarian or Authoritative?
How does he build morale in his troops?
How does he maintain their respect?
How does he maintain his authority without fear?
How does he manipulate insubordination?
“I will remember this…when I
am defeated. To keep dignity,
and give honour where it’s due,
so that defeat is not a disgrace”
Why does Ender start
studying the videos of the
Bugger invasions?
Who does he come to respect and
learn from after watching them?
What is really unusual about the
battle with Salamander Army?
"This had not been a fair fight, even
though they had won - the teachers had
intended them to lose ..."
“Bean looked at him and realized that
the impossible was happening. Far
from baiting him, Ender Wiggin was
actually confiding in him…Ender was a
human being and Bean had been
allowed to see” (p. 197).
This is the first time Card has

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