Northwestern coniferous Forest

Northwestern coniferous
• Coniferous forests cover huge areas but have
fewer kinds of plants and animals than any
other forests. Though the Coniferous forests
have fewer animal species than other forests,
they are home to several different animals.
• There are many mammals and insects along
with birds.
• There are very scarce amount of reptiles.
• Not many animals can live in this habitat
• Animals deal with the hardship of cold, long
winters in several ways.
• Some of the animals hibernate during the
winter; while others migrate to warmer
• Of those that stay during winter, some die
from starvation, frostbite and hypothermia.
Zoology in Northwestern
coniferous forest.
• Some examples of animals that live in the
coniferous forest are the wolverine,
Beaver , bald eagle, long eared own,
coyote, snow leopard, red fox, bob cat,
brown bear and a red tailed hawk.
Bald eagle
• What are two animals found in the
northwestern coniferous forest?
• What animals are more commonly found in
the northwestern coniferous forest?
Botany in the northwestern coniferous forest.
• Got the name because of the many
coniferous, cone bearing, trees that they host.
• Coniferous forest are found in most of North
America, Scandinavia, Russia, Asia and Siberia.
• Two well known forest are: Taiga and the
Boreal Forests.
• There is limited plant life due to harsh winter
Types of Trees
Evergreens- needle leaves and cones which
bear seeds.
Other trees found would be: black spruce,
white spruce, balsam fir, redwood, white pine,
sugar pine, ponderosa pine, Jeffrey pine,
cypress and cedars.
Not as many flowers and shrubs as there are
• What are two well known coniferous forest?
• Why is the plant life limited?
The north western coniferous forest biome is south of
the Arctic tundra. It stretches from Alaska straight
across North America to the Atlantic Ocean and across
This forests consist mainly of cone-bearing trees such
as spruce, hemlock, and fir, which are well suited to
the cold climate. The soil is not very fertile.
• What does this forest consist of?
• What is the it south of?
• Northwestern coniferous forest is the world's largest land
biome and makes up 27% of the world's forest cover. The
largest areas are located in Russia and Canada. The taiga is the
terrestrial biome with the lowest annual average
temperatures after the Tundra and permanent ice caps. The
taiga or boreal forest has a subarctic climate with very large
temperature range between seasons, but the long and cold
winter is the dominant feature. The mean annual temperature
generally varies from negative 5°C to 5°C but there are taiga
areas in both eastern Siberia and interior Alaska-Yukon where
the mean annual reaches down to -10°C.
• What % does the Northwestern coniferous
forest make up of the worlds forest cover?
• Where is the largest area located?

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