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4th Grade Curriculum Night
Miss Scheck
Room 306
New this year…
• Self contained classroom reading/language arts, math, social
studies, and science
• Lunch now from 11:30-12:30 (recess
first, then lunch)
• Treasures Reading Curriculum
(presentation to follow)
Specials Schedule
Monday: PE
Tuesday: MUSIC
Wednesday: SPANISH
Thursday: ART & SPANISH
Friday: MUSIC
Daily Schedule
• Reading/LA 8-9:30
• Morning Recess (most
days) 9:30-9:45
• Specials/Additional
Reading/LA time 9:5010:56
• Passport 11-11:30
Lunch 11:30-12:30
Math 12:30-1:30
Reading/LA 1:30-2
Social Studies/Science
o (6 week rotation,
once per trimester)
New Literacy
McMillan/McGraw-Hill Treasures
A research-based, comprehensive
Reading/Language Arts program for grades K-5 that
gives educators the resources they need to help all
students succeed.
High quality literature coupled with explicit instruction
and ample practice ensures that students grow as
life-long readers and writers.
• Fiction and nonfiction selections help build a love
of reading.
• Time honored classics
• Contemporary nonfiction
• Multicultural literature
• Time for Kids
• All Treasures stories are available online
• Games and animated comprehension activities
to help build successful readers
• I have user names and passwords…easiest if I
email you?
• Small group lessons designed to target student needs.
• Leveled readers provide needed application in
comprehension and vocabulary.
• Hands on activities.
• Fiction and non fiction stories
• Literacy Workstations
o vocabulary
o phonemic awareness
o comprehension
o fluency
o writing and grammar
o phonics
• Benchmark Assessment
o Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early
Literacy Skills (DIBELS) , Measure of
Academic Progress (MAP)
o Administered fall, winter, and spring
• Weekly Assessments
o Assess on the skills taught throughout
the week
• Unit Assessments
o cumulative test given every 5 weeks
Balanced Literacy
• Modeled Reading – Teacher reads aloud…including poems,
plays, nonfiction and more!
• Shared Reading – Teacher and students reading together.
Student books provide delightful stories to read together.
• Guided Reading – Teacher and small groups of students
utilizing fiction and nonfiction leveled resources to allow for
teacher guided reading at every grade.
• Independent Reading – Independent, student centered
reading– Time For Kids. Leveled classroom library trade
books offer independent reading opportunities at every grade.
• Multiple modeled writing opportunities are
offered every week.
• Connect reading and writing with a model each
• “Write to a Prompt” builds writing fluency and
stamina needed for success.
• Writing a response to a piece of literature
Phonemic Awareness
Math Concepts
• Numeration - reading, writing, and comparing
• Operations and Computation - adding,
subtracting, multiplying, dividing
• Data and Chance - reading and interpreting sets
of data
• Geometry
• Measurement and Reference
• Patterns, Functions, Algebra
• ***We are ordering calculators on Thursday!!!!!
Social Studies Units
• Regions will be the focus this year.
• Illinois will be studied during Midwest unit
• Various in-class projects during each unit
• Please send $5.00 for Scholastic News with
your child if you have not done so already
Science Units
• Magnetism and Electricity
• Land and Water
• Ecosystems
Homework & Assignment
• Most nights you can expect math HW(don’t stress over
math boxes), along with 30 minutes of reading, as well
as language arts homework (comprehension skills,
grammar, spelling)
• At times, work that isn't finished in class will be sent
home (I try my best to allow some time in class)
• Try to do 10 minutes of custom typing 3 times per week
• For the first trimester, please check and sign your child's
assignment n.b. nightly
Homework Assistance
1. Sunrise- 7:30-8:00 every MORING in the library
2. Academic study hall-Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch
Website & Newsletter
• Please visit my teacher page where you will
find important handouts, homework, links, and
weekly newsletters
• Check out the calendar as well, it will be
updated monthly with school and classroom
• If you would like after the presentation I can
show you how to navigate this page
Classroom Expectations
• Please take a look at the Classroom Behavior Plan
1. A reminder of the rule or expectation
2. A warning
3. Loss of privilege (minutes off recess/free time)
4. Contact home
5. Referral to the office
Rewards & Consequences
• Individual: Initials and Bear Necessities
• Whole Class: STOP
Snacks & Water
• Please send your child to school with a
healthy snack every day, especially with our
later lunch time
• Snack time will be around 9:15-9:30
• Students should also have a water bottle
with them daily
Email is preferred
[email protected]
• Please take the time to fill out your
Guardian Contact Information

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