But I’m a Project Manager… What
Does PR Have to
do with Me?
Project Management Institute
Honolulu Chapter
Professional Development Day
May 2, 2007
Community Outreach Goals
• Transparency
• Visibility
• Public Education
• Call to Action
Why Community Outreach
Avoid unnecessary delays
Build goodwill
Create ambassadors
Invest in your reputation for future projects
Identify problems, community issues before
they escalate
• Positive impressions about
Where to Begin?
• Start with the end.
What’s your desired outcome?
• What’s your primary message?
• Determine the audience(s).
• What response do you want?
• Identify challenges.
• Draw up a plan (road map, timeline).
• Establish measurable objectives.
Inside Out Approach
Prepare and adopt talking points.
Keep them simple.
Brief your network.
Your employees and the client are the
• Take the message outside when your internal
audiences are on the same page.
Be Aware, Get Involved
• Identify stakeholders
• Network actively in communities
where projects are underway
• Know as much about the community
as you would like them to know about
your project
• One-on-one meetings
• Speaking engagements,
special presentations
• Educational material (basic)
• Photos or graphics that make
the message easy to grasp
Proactive Media Relations
• Places your message in front of
leaders and decision-makers
• Spreads the word about your
project, related issues
• Reinforces support and strategic
• Enhances transparency
• Boosts morale
Know the Media
• Names, titles, stories
• Establish a working relationship
• Make yourself rolodex-worthy
Targeting Media
• Identify those most likely to be interest in
your project or program
• Look beyond television, radio and daily
– Online media
– Local, smaller outlets
• Know whom to contact, when, how and
under what circumstances
Become a Media Resource
• Be trustworthy;
reporters may ask
your opinion
• Let them know your
area of expertise
• Make yourself
• Return calls within 15
• Know your
benchmarks and
• Becoming a
“credible” source
takes time
• Make sure your info
is reliable and clear
• Send a thank you for
good coverage
Crisis Communication
• Have a plan in place
• Anticipate, be prepared
• Be responsive, timely
• Be truthful
•Take the opportunity to tell
your own story

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