NURS 101 Powerpoint for Health Maintenance Requirements

WELCOME Late Admits for Fall 2014 to
the Clinical Nursing Program
PLEASE do not take any papers/handouts from
the front of the room until the presentation
is over
PLEASE sign in or you will not be considered
as having attended today
Pharmacology Calculations
Late admits previously received info
regarding these dates:
LAST names
A – MZ: 7/14/14 – 7/18/14
N – Z: 7/21/14 – 7/25/14
 ** Please check RVCC email weekly for
important updates I, and nursing
personnel need to communicate to you
Uniform and ATI
All students must purchase a uniform – no later than
All students must purchase ATI – no later than
Required one full day orientation held in
August 25, 2014- MANDATORY!
 Will require registration and additional
 The student will not be eligible nor
receive authorization to register for this
until all health requirements are met
Health Maintenance Meeting
RVCC HSE Student Services Specialist
Nadine M. Larson
[email protected]
EMAIL is the fastest and easiest way to contact me!
Room H213 (in H220 office suite)
908-526-1200 x 8610
A mail box to drop off any needed documents when I am not in the
office is in Room H220 or on my office door.
Open office hours 130p-230p Monday – Friday, but appointments are
preferred. All other hours by appointment only
Out of office Fridays until 8/19/14
 Out of office 7.11 – 7.22.14
 No appointments/students 8.22.14
Health Maintenance Requirements
Nursing program requires students comply with:
◦ Obtaining and completing a health maintenance record form
(each year you are here, there is a new form to fill out)
◦ Handing in copies of lab reports, titers, immunization records,
and other documents that are requested WITH the health
maintenance record TOGETHER!
◦ Purchase uniform and ATI
◦ Background check (met as a preclinical student and must be
done yearly)
◦ Malpractice Insurance (must renew YEARLY)
◦ Current CPR certification (good for 2 years)
◦ Yearly Two Step TB testing (2 PPDs 1-4 weeks apart)
◦ Drug testing (yearly)
◦ An influenza immunization (yearly)
It is the student’s responsibility to keep
current with yearly health maintenance
procedures, i.e. CPR, Two Step PPDs,
malpractice insurance, influenza
 Each year you are here, there is a form to
be filled out and some type of health
maintenance to keep current.
 You are ineligible for clinicals without up
to date health maintenance!
Deadline Dates for Health
Maintenance Records and ALL
required documents
Late admission Generic Students
No later than August 5, 2014
*Forms and documents must be complete to be accepted!!! If
anything is missing they will be given back to the student.
Everything must be handed in together, not separate!
Please use my i.e. check off sheet to verify you
are handing in everything on the list!
- You must make an appointment with me when you are ready to hand in completed documents
and health requirements – after I see all documents are complete you will receive
authorization to register for open seats in all 5 sections of Foundations of Nursing – day
students day section – eve students eve sections. More registration information will come
to students via postal mail in the month of July.
Diagnostic Testing
Each student is to have the following lab work
done by their personal physician: hemoglobin,
hematocrit, CMP (comprehensive metabolic
panel) and urinalysis (NOT A URINE DIPSTICK
 The physician MUST fill in the values of
each test on the “Student Health
Maintenance Record” AND provide a
copy of each lab to keep in the students’ file.
Immunizations & Titers
Hepatitis B (HEP B)
◦ All students require a Hepatitis B titer
 3 distinct vaccines in the series
 Vaccine schedule must be followed
- Get Dose #1, 28 days later dose #2, then 4 -6 months
later dose #3.
Students not immune NEED to follow-up with
their health care provider because they may
need to go through a second full
series/booster, and then must re-titer.
Immunizations & Titers
All students require a MMR titer
Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR)
◦ Students born before 1957 are considered to have
natural immunity, but still need a titer.
◦ Students born after 1957 need to make sure they had
two MMR vaccines before the titer is performed.
Mumps & Rubella Titers
◦ Must show immunity; if negative titer, student must
follow-up with their health care provider for boosters
& re-titer
◦ If need vaccination, titer is done 6-8 weeks after
series completed
◦ All students require a varicella titer
◦ It is NOT acceptable to simply get the
date of disease documented – a titer is
◦ Students with a negative/non-immune
varicella titer must follow-up with their health
care provider for the varicella immunization
series & another titer 6-8 weeks later to
show immunity
◦ Tetanus shot good for 10 years
◦ Tdap for people under 65 years of age
◦ If never had any vaccination for tetanus or
diphtheria, need to complete a series of 3
immunizations, then receive a titer 6 – 8
weeks later.
Flu shots are REQUIRED for nursing students
during “flu season.” It is mandated by the clinical
facilities – can get started in August 2014
NO LATER THAN October 1, 2014 PROVE
 Please wait until the Fall to get your flu shot, as
what is available NOW and what flu
immunization will be available in
August/September is different!!!
To be completed and signed by a healthcare provider. Dates must include mm/dd/yy. Titers are
required for Hep B, MMR, and Varicella.
Vaccine Type
Hepatitis B
(titer required)
**See below for
 born before 1957MMR booster not
needed (titer
Tetanus-DiphtheriaPertussis (Td/Tdap)
Second Dose
Include copy of all titer reports
 Immune  Not Immune
Must also have
immune titer
(4-8 weeks after
Dose 1)
(4-6 months after
Dose 1)
 Immune  Not Immune
Must also have
immune titer
If never received
ANY series of
tetanus and
vaccines, must
start primary
series of 3
(4 weeks after 1st
Must also have
immune titer
(4-8 weeks after
1st dose)
Must have received Tdap or Td
booster within last 10 years
Date________________  Tdap  Td
*For under age 65, one Tdap is
substituted for a Td booster, then boost
with Td every 10 years
(titer required)
Third Dose
(6-12 months
after the 2nd dose)
If had the active  Immune  Not Immune
disease, students Date____________________
generally do not
*Date of active
Date of last vaccination: ________________________________________
 Never Received Vaccination
Background Check
Students entering the nursing program MUST go to the
Adam Safeguard website as a preclinical student, then
every year after, get a criminal history background check
Malpractice Insurance Policy
 RN students MUST have malpractice insurance –
some students use CMF group insurance (see
 Only valid submission of proof is Declaration sheet
 Professional liability limitations
• 1 Million dollars for each occurrence/claim
• 6 Million dollars aggregate
• Time period must cover entire semester
• The policy should be purchased May/June (May for
PNADs). This will allow the policy to be valid for the
entire school year.
• If you are currently a health care provider who carries malpractice insurance, you
will need to add on your RN student status, and make sure the liability amounts are
correct. If you have any trouble doing this, I have a letter that I may customize for
you to send to the insurance company.
CPR Certification
All students must provide a copy of a
valid BLS Healthcare Provider CPR
Card, from the American Heart
 No other CPR providers are
accepted – only American Heart
 A copy of CPR card is the only proof
accepted that you are certified.
(continue CPR)
Expiration dates before the end of the school year
(3/31/15) are NOT helpful, because the CPR
certification will not be valid through the entire school
RN Nursing Students should have CPR
valid from May/June/July2014May/June/July2016
CPR class (if needed)
You may go to any BLS AHA CPR class
Feel free to check hospitals or Google
AHA BLS CPR classes – must do class
and have card BEFORE 8/5/14
Tuberculosis Testing/PPD
 All students in PNAD, 1st Year, and 2nd Year
programs are required to have 2 PPDs yearly
 PPD test must be assessed within 48-72 hours after
placement and measurement of the size (in mm) of
induration noted. Then a 2nd PPD test must be
placed1-4 weeks later. It is then to be
assessed within 48-72 hours after placement.
- The area is to be measured in mm and
documented. There is a spot for physicians to
document this on your health maintenance form.
 If results are positive
 follow-up chest x-ray required
 for All students under 35 years of age, INH
prophylaxis must be taken.
You do not want your PPD to expire in a
Tuberculosis testing for Generic Nursing
Students should be done between May and July
to avoid the PPD expiring in a semester and
PNADs should have their 2 PPDs done in May
(the first PPD can be in April).
A two step PPD done 4/01/14 and 4/08/14 is NOT
acceptable because it will not be valid through the
entire Spring 2015 semester.
 Has received the BCG vaccine. Date received __________________________
Test 1 (mm/dd/yy)______________ Read on (mm/dd/yy) _____________
Size of induration in mm___________ positive/negative (circle one)
Test 2 (mm/dd/yy)______________ Read on (mm/dd/yy) _____________
Size of induration in mm___________ positive/negative (circle one)
If PPD is positive, chest X ray is REQUIRED. Date taken
(mm/dd/yy)____________________ (You must attach copy of radiology
Negative X ray: INH must be taken for everyone under 35. Date
started (mm/dd/yy)_________________
Positive X ray: Recommendations of
Drug Screening
An yearly 11 point urine drug screening will be done 46 weeks prior to the start of clinical rotations.
Urine drug screening is paid for and scheduled via – see handout
Drug testing ordering and screening dates for 1st year
students is 8/18-9/1/14 – must pay for, order and go for
test in this time period. Do not order ahead of time!
When ready to hand in
Look at the checklist provided to make sure you have
everything, and copies of everything for yourself and to
hand in
I do not take partial paperwork, it must come in
together or it will be given back to you and you may not
register or attend class until it is completed
The only thing I will get directly and you will not have to
hand in is the drug screen (is emailed to me)). I will
notify you when I receive the drug screen via RVCC
email. Flu shot will come at a later date
Check RVCC email weekly to keep up with important
information from the college!
Any student, after carefully reviewing all health
maintenance paperwork and policies, who is
unsure of ANY requirement needs to contact
me. Email is the fastest way to get in touch with
 When health checklist is done, make an
appointment with me. I will review then we will
register you for NURS 101 – info to come in
July 2014 via postal mail
 Feel free to email me questions
[email protected]
Check list of things to hand in – they must
be handed in all together to be accepted
Original Health Maintenance Form (filled out)
DRUG SCREEN – this gets emailed to me
(*4-6 weeks prior to clinical date)
- Flu shot in Fall – now
- Purchase ATI
Malpractice Insurance – declaration page only
Current CPR Card – copy of card
2 Step PPD/CXR – 2 PPDs, 1-4 weeks apart
MMR Titer – need copy
Hep B Titer – need copy
Varicella Titer – need copy
Current Lab Reports – copy of all needed
Background Check (done as preclinical student already)
Adacel (Tetanus shot)
All students before leaving MUST take:
◦ Immunization and Health Maintenance Policy
◦ A Health Maintenance Record that applies to YOU –
i.e. PNAD/1st Year Generic Nursing Student, or
Returning/Continuing Student.
◦ Influenza documentation form
◦ An example of check off list I use when finalizing your
handed in documents
◦ A **SIGN IN to prove you attended!!!!!!
OPTIONAL PAPERWORK – My business card, a copy of the
power point, and SMC CPR registration form

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