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Inform Software Corporation
- Company Overview INFORM GmbH, Germany
Inform Software Corp., Chicago
Toyo/Inform, Tokyo
International Sales & Support Network
© INFORM 1990-1996
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Inform Software Corporation
- Company Profile X Software Company and Consulting Firm in Intelligent Control
X Market Leading Software Products: fuzzyTECH®,
NeuroFuzzy™ Module, FuzzyCluster™ Module
X Largest Fuzzy Logic Project Team Worldwide
X Founded in 1969, Private Ownership
X Continuous Growth from 5 (1985) to 105 (1996) Employees
(Cash-Flow Funded Growth)
X Since 1985, Every Fiscal Quarter Profitable
Inform’s Experience Combines Both
Fuzzy Logic Applications and Software !
© INFORM 1990-1996
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INFORM’s Partners:
- Embedded Control X Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Microchip Technologies,
Siemens, SGS-Thomson, Mitsubishi
In 1992, Inform Introduced
the First 16-bit Fuzzy
Processor to the Market !
© INFORM 1990-1996
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INFORM’s Parters:
- Industrial Automation X Allen-Bradley, Klöckner-Moeller, Siemens, Bosch, ABB
In 1993, Inform and Klockner-Moeller Introduced
the fuzzyPLC™ , Which Combines Fuzzy Logic
and Conventional Automation !
In 1994, Inform and Allen-Bradley Introduced
Portable Fuzzy Logic Function Blocks to Be Used
on Standard PLCs !
In 1996, Inform Introduced PLC Code Generation
for the SIMATIC S5 and S7 Line of PLCs !
© INFORM 1990-1996
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INFORM’s Partners:
- Process Control X Foxboro/Eckardt, Bailey/Hartmann&Braun, Wonderware, Iconics,
Siemens, USDATA, Intellution, National Instruments
In 1995, Inform and Hartmann&Braun
Introduced and Distributed Fuzzy Logic
Components for Process Control Systems !
© INFORM 1990-1996
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The fuzzyTECH Editions
With More Than 10,000 Installations Worldwide, fuzzyTECH
Has Enabled More Successful Fuzzy Logic Applications
Than Any Other Fuzzy Logic Design Software !
X Complete Visual Design CAE Frontend With All Standard Interfaces
X Backends for Microcontroller, PLC, and Process Control Hardware
X Embraces Emerging IEC 1131-7 Fuzzy Logic Standard and ISO 9000
© INFORM 1990-1996
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Application Portfolio
X About 1100 Successful Fuzzy Logic Applications Have Been Published
(an Estimated 5% of Those That Exist)
X Fuzzy Logic Has Become the De-Facto Standard Solution for MultiVariable Control
X Applications Range from Embedded Control (28%), Industrial Automation
(62%) to Process Control (10%) [IEEE 96]
X In a Recent Review [IEEE 95] of 311 Fuzzy Logic Applications, Fuzzy
Logic Slashed Design Time By More Than Half in 90% of Cases
X In This Review, 97.5% of the Designers State That They Will Use Fuzzy
Logic Again in Future Applications
Fuzzy Logic Will Play a Major
Role in Control Engineering !
© INFORM 1990-1996
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Inform Software Corporation
- Company Overview -
© INFORM 1990-1996

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