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The Paschal Mystery
The Paschal Mystery
• This is at the very center
of the Gospel that must
be proclaimed to all.
• The word paschal means
Passover and goes back
to the Exodus.
• Paschal therefore
describes a journey from
slavery to freedom.
Paschal Mystery cont.
• It is a mystery because
the meaning behind it
was concealed until
the end.
• Today, the Paschal
Mystery is
through out Holy
Week of Easter.
Jesus’ Death: Historical
• Historically Jesus died
because the Jewish
authorities feared losing
their influence and power.
Also, the Romans are held
responsible as the physical
• This unfortunately has led
to modern day racism
against Jews.
Jesus’ Death: Theological
• Unlike the Historical
explanation, when
looked at from the bigger
picture, Jesus’ death is
caused by sinners.
• This category of sinners
applies to all of us, not
just the Romans or the
Jews because Jesus died
for all of us.
Why Jesus Died
• Jesus died freely out of
his love for mankind.
• Jesus also died out of
obedience to the
• Jesus knew that his
death was the
necessary sacrifice for
the salvation of man.
Passion Narratives
• The Passion Narrative is
the collection of events
leading up to Jesus’
• It is important to note
that Jesus is complete
control throughout the
entire series of events.
Last Supper
• This was the Passover meal shared with the 12
Apostles where Jesus voluntarily presents an
offering of thanks to God the father.
• It is also here that Jesus declares on of the twelve
will betray him and that Peter will deny him three
• Gethsemane is the
garden that Jesus prayed
in after the Last Supper
and where he was
arrested after being
• His apostles fell asleep
while on watch and when
arrested, Jesus remained
The Sanhedrin and Jesus
• Jesus was
interrogated by the
high priest named
• Jesus acknowledged
he was the Christ, the
Son of the Living God.
• The Sanhedrin
accused him of
blasphemy and called
for his death.
Pontius Pilate Condemns
• Under Roman rule,
only the Roman
Governor could give
the death penalty.
• Jesus was accused of
blasphemy under
Jewish Law and
claiming to be a king
under Roman Law
(this is what allowed
the death penalty).
• Crucifixion was a long
and painful way to die.
In addition to the hands,
the feet were nailed to a
small platform so that
the person could
support themselves and
thus suffer longer.
• Jesus was mocked and
taunted with a sign that
said “King of the Jews”.
Jesus’ Death
• Jesus’ last words were
“My God, my God, why
have you abandoned
• Jesus’s death singled the
end of his mission and the
start of a new relationship
between God and
• Some sources say there
was an earthquake around
the time Jesus died.
Jesus’ Burial
• Joseph of Arimathea
asked permission to
bury Jesus. He was
part of the Sanhedrin
but secretly followed
• A Pharisee named
Nicodemus helped
Joseph, Mary, Mary
Magdalene, and John
bury Jesus in a tomb.
• The Paschal Mystery Worksheet covers what we
have discussed today and also includes some
review questions from Monday’s material.
• You will have the rest of today and most of
tomorrow to complete this.

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