Why cook?

Simply Cook and Enjoy!
March, 2014
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Cooking Basics:
Why cook?
Make healthy, delicious meals
More homemade meals = better food intake
Less restaurant and prepared foods
Pass on life skills to our children
In a Hurry?
Take a kitchen shortcut with healthier
convenience foods.
Light canned tuna or canned salmon
Pre-cut butternut squash
Canned legumes such as chickpeas or lentils
Canned diced tomatoes
Shredded cheese
Plain frozen fish filets
Frozen vegetables and fruit
Fresh or frozen whole wheat cheese tortellini
Whole grain pizza crusts
Cook good for you meals in less time
than take-out!
Quesadillas filled with…
Shrimp or tofu sauteed with…
Whole grain pita pizzas
topped with…
Sandwiches filled with…
Double Up! Make a double batch of
breakfast on the weekend.
Whole Grain Pancakes
Vegetable-filled frittata
Make it Easy!
Cook once. Eat twice!
Grilling chicken or fish? Grill a couple extra pieces
for sandwiches.
Roasting veggies? Roast extras to toss with pasta
or barley or to top a pizza.
Serving chili? Make a bigger pot and
use extras to make enchiladas.
Salad with supper? Make an extra-big
salad and put some in the fridge
– undressed – for tomorrow’s lunch.
Cooking dinner is a snap with
satisfying one pot meals!
Go Quick: simple skillet fajitas
Go Slow: satisfying slow-cooker
Tools of The Trade
Along with quality pots in different
sizes, stock your kitchen with
these 5 basic tools:
• Sharp knives
• Box grater
• Immersion (hand-held) blender
• Steamer basket
• Instant-read thermometer
Budget-Friendly Ideas
Put more plant-based protein in
your pot.
Stir up minestrone soup with black beans,
chickpeas or lentils
Make a quick chickpea curry for
a totally meatless option
Add cooked lentils to ground
beef for luscious lasagna
Add black beans to ground
turkey for tasty tacos
Get saucy!
Make your own spaghetti sauce
with just a few ingredients and
these simple steps:
• Lightly sauté onions and garlic
in a little olive oil
• Add low-sodium canned tomatoes and simmer
• Season with freshly ground pepper and herbs
such as basil or oregano
• Try adding mushrooms, zucchini and chopped
Family Affair
Kiss! Keep it Simple Sweetie!
Give kids easy tasks, such as stirring,
when you’re in a hurry.
Cook on weekends, when you can
take more time to teach skills.
Choose easy-to-follow recipes with
lots of tasks kids can help with.
Prepare some ingredients before you
start cooking.
Bring a little fun to your kitchen with a
family cooking challenge.
Choose a cookbook, food
magazine or website. Each family
member picks one recipe to try.
Each person makes his or her
recipe for the family. Kids might
need help.
When all dishes have been tasted,
rate the recipes. You might discover
a new family favourite!
Frosty about kids cooking?
Smoothies are a super way to introduce
kids to the kitchen.
• The only tool you need is a blender.
• Let kids create their own frosty
combos with frozen fruit, bananas,
yogurt and milk.
• Be adventurous. Add spinach or carrot.
Cooking by Numbers
Cooking for One…or Two
Make breakfast for dinner!
Switch it up with stir-fries.
Get fresh with simple
dinner salads for two.
Get social! Host a cooking party.
Invite your friends, and instead of cooking
for them, cook with them!
Have guests bring ingredients and share
the tasks.
Start simply with trusted favourite recipes.
Or experiment with a new cuisine and
learn new skills.
Once the cooking is done, relax and enjoy
a delicious meal together.
Cooking 101
Give healthy cooking a whirl!
Think outside the salad spinner.
Blend a handful of spinach or kale into a fruit smoothie.
Mash cooked cauliflower together with potatoes.
Add puréed butternut squash to homemade macaroni
and cheese.
Shred carrots, zucchini or onions into spaghetti sauce.
Stir canned puréed pumpkin into whole grain pancake
or muffin batter.
Sprinkle berries onto breakfast cereal or yogurt.
Simple Swaps
Use This:
To Replace:
Evaporated milk
Cream in luscious sauces
Lower-fat yogurt
Mayonnaise in creamy salad
Lemon juice, garlic, herbs
Some of the salt in savoury dishes
Whole grain flour
At least half of the white flour
Skim milk powder
A quarter of the sugar in baked
Mashed fruit and vegetables such as
unsweetened applesauce or pureed
sweet potato
Half of the fat in muffins, quick
breads and cookies
Taste is king. Add some zing!
Red pepper flakes
Fresh lime juice
Check out recipes, cooking tips and healthy
eating information.
Watch videos of dietitians
serving up cooking tips.
Find a dietitian in your area.
Get the Apps!
Download for Free Dietitians of Canada
Apps for the iPad and iPhone
Eatipser at www.eatipster.com
Cookspiration at
2014 Nutrition Month

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