Ontario ’s Concussion Strategy:
Concussion Management in Schools
International Summit 2015 Concussions
April 23-24, 2015
Niagara Falls, Ontario
The purpose of today’s session is to:
 Identify how concussion align with other EDU priorities
 Learn about resources available to support implementation
 Share best practices and challenges from the field
Vision for Education
Four renewed goals for education:
1. Achieving Excellence
2. Ensuring Equity
3. Promoting Well-Being
4. Enhancing Public Confidence
EDU Policies and Priorities
PPM 158- School Board
Policies on Concussions
Health and Physical
Education Curriculum
Safety Mindedness
A comprehensive approach to injury prevention
Making injury prevention a priority and promoting the
importance of establishing a culture of safety
mindedness in schools
Consistent messaging, learning and teaching practices
related to injury prevention through all curriculum
and school sponsored programs/ activities
Establishing a process to look at school/ school boards
data related to injury prevention
OSBIE’s Incident Report Findings
Slip or Fall
Rough Play
According to OSBIE’s 2014
data base:
• 92,009 school incident
reports submitted
• 2,275 were labelled as
“concussions” or
“possible concussions”.
• Largest area of
concussion frequency
occurred during sporting
Resources & Supports
 Ontario Concussion Web Portal (
 Brings together credible and reliable sources of information for
anyone who may be impacted by concussions (e.g., students,
health care professionals, coaches etc.)
 Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines (
 updated information on concussion prevention, identification and
management; and
 a NEW Safety Guidelines App!
 Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Concussion Tool (web portal)
 Symptoms and signs of a concussion
 Action plan for suspected concussions
 Memory and balance testing
 Video: Concussions 101, A Primer for Kids and Parents
Dialogue on Success and Challenges from the Field
In a small group, discuss and share the successes
and challenges your school board/school/public
health unit has encountered. Using the chart
paper, record your group’s thoughts and learnings
into three categories:
 What have we done well
 What still needs to be done
 What questions still need to be answered
Thank You!

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