Sentigol Vendorsure Tendersure Comprehensive Supply

The Vendorsure / Tendersure
The key to unlocking value!
Current users spend Billions
Rands p/a
Credentials, Awards & Accolades
Technology Top 100 Finalist 2010 - 2014
PWC (Brussels) EU Government recognition as
international best practice / solution
Current Markets
Vendorsure and Tendersure
● Web-based business process
applications, taking advantage of the
many benefits digital data offers.
● Easy to use with support desk.
● Vast improvements in efficiency (time
and money).
● Numerous decision support tools.
● Fair and transparent compliance to
BBBEE policies.
Suppliers can maintain and own their data!
The Tendersure System
• Large Existing opportunity base
An innovative complete electronic RFP/RFQ/RFI process
A patented product with a unique audit trail & ranking system
Encrypted 99.9% secure (electronic banking standards)
Reduce adjudication committees time by weeks/months
Decision freeze eliminated
Helping reduce the risk of corruption and identifies price fixing
Secure electronic archiving
Custom reporting on procurement and bidder trends
Web-based - no software installation
User-friendly / comprehensive training
Notification to potential bidders & feedback on status of completion
of bids
• Emergency tenders can be submitted via SMS by registered bidders
Making every tender an international
best practice cost effective event.
The Tendersure System ( Continued )
• The unique TenderSure™ ranking system can shortlist
bids based on specific criteria, such as BEE, Price,
Social Investment, Environment, etc.
The Vendorsure System
● This platform ensures that large institutions
looking for suppliers of goods and services, can
match their needs with YOUR company
● Supplier Database Management System
● Supplier Database Population
● Supplier Database Rationalisation
● Auditing and Validation
● Creation of an Interactive Database Directory
where suppliers maintain and own their data.
Opportunities and Synergy
• Tried, tested and proven technology
• Opportunity to leverage our proven technology
BCC Platform
• Larger members can use this platform to invite other
BBC members to opportunities
• Improved communication among members regarding
opportunities and synergies
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