Generic Powerpoint Presentation for Clerks Area Briefings

Clerks Area Briefing
1. Welcome and Outline of the Meeting
2. Reconstitution
a) Timeline
b) Skills Audit
c) GAP (Governor Appointments Panel)
Traded Services/SLA (Service Level Agreement)
CPD Online
In The News - General Updates
Questions/Items for the Next Agenda
Skills based appointment and reconstitution
• From September 2014
• By September 2015
• All governors to be selected
for the skills they bring
• Create a skills based profile
for the GB-Some skills
identified in statutory
• Identify the skills required for
any vacancy prior to
• Increased expectation for
shared governance across
more than one school –
compare and contrast
• All maintained school
governing bodies to have
reconstituted under 2012
• Surplus governors
removed on basis of skills
rather than length of
• Reconstitution as a tool to
drive the quality and
effectiveness of the GB.
Barriers And Solutions
• How well prepared is your GB for these changes?
• What do you need to do next?
Which Governors Would Fit Where?
Data – RAISE + in year
Policies- attendance, marking,
Child protection
Quality of – triangulation of data, work and
Policies- Teaching and learning, appraisal,
general staffing, assessment etc
Vision- driving school
HT appraisal
Performance related pay
SFVS- finance in general- are
we getting value for money?
The Core Membership
1 HT
1 Staff
1 LA
2 Parents minimum
X Co-opted. As many at the GB require
Foundation governors: minimum of 2 in a VC
school and no more than ¼. 2 more than the total
of all other governors in a VA school.
• Be aware of Foundation schools without a
Diminution And Slotting
• 1 HT- no change
• 1 Staff- slot or diminution based on identified skill
• 1 LA-slot or diminution based on identified skill (GAP has
a role)
• Parents- 2 minimum. Slot or diminution based on
identified skill
• Co-opted- New post COMPLETELY NEW
APPOINTMENT with a new term of office. Appointed on
• Foundation- VA must exceed all other governors by 2
• Foundation- VC minimum of 2, maximum of 25%
Procedure For Reconstitution
• Minute all discussions and decisions
• Agree a procedure for co-opting governors
• Submit copy of minutes for reconstitution with a
breakdown of posts and categories (including
terms of office) to diocese 1st if a faith school then
to governor services with confirmation from the
• State in the minutes the date of effect- a date in
the future to allow time to complete the process (3
to 6 months)
Delivering The Vision
• Review
• Recruit
• Retire...
Models of Governance
• What is the structure of your GB?
• Would your governing body be more effective with
a different structure?
• Governing body organogram
Illustration of a 2 Committee/Team
Governor Profile
Chair (1)
Vice Chair (2)
Ht Governor
Teaching &
Finance (4)
Premises (5)
Champion (8)
Staffing & PRP
Health &
Safety (6)
Protection (7)
Quality of
Learning (10)
SEN/AEN (11)
Staff Governor
Illustration of a Whole Team Governor
Chair (1)
Vice Chair (2)
HT Governor (3)
Achievement (4)
Pair (8)
Teaching &
Learning (5)
Pair (9)
Behaviour &
safety (6)
Pair (10)
Leadership &
Pair (11)
Recruitment of New Members
Identification of existing
skills and reconstitution
Right people around the table and
associated activities
Induction and training appropriate to your position
Annual evaluation of GB effectiveness
GAP – Governor Appointment Panel for
Local Authority Governors
• Revised procedures for the appointment of LA
• Existing LA Governors are not being re-appointed
where there would be more than one LA Governor
unless they are the Chair.
• Surplus LA Governors could be appointed to other
GBs looking for their relevant skills
LA Support for Changes
• Revised materials for the election of parent and
staff governors
• Information and guidance for recruitment, skills
audit, reconstitution etc.
• Workshops for clerks, conference sessions for
governors and briefing sessions for Heads
• Greater emphasis on sharing good practice within
local meetings
Reconstitution Checklist
• Refer to checklist
Traded Services
Packages available via EduKent
• Governor training and development.
• Clerking service
Additional services this year:
• Costs attached to activities involving Governor
Support Officer-Bespoke training, external review,
FGB obs, 12 months minutes monitoring.
• Education SLA with Heads that can be used to buy
the additional services.
SLA 2014-2015
Package 1
Best value for money and the most popular package. As well as 1 place at each of the annual
conferences for Governors, Chairs and Clerks, the package includes:
A copy of ‘The Governor’ sent direct to each governor (and clerk) on your governing body 3
times each year
Relevant and timely email based communication sharing key messages and information
from the local authority relevant to the governor role
New Governor, Chair and Clerk induction training
Unlimited attendance at any core training session from the published programme for any
member of your governing body. Additional places at annual conferences charged at £75
Costs for the year April 2014 to March 2015:
Small schools with less than 100 pupils £200
All other schools £200 for the first 100 pupils £1.30 per pupil thereafter
Annual conference for governors, clerks and chairs: First place free, additional delegates
£75 each
A 2 hour In-house session (delivered in your school)
from a list of available topics published in the training
and development programme
£200 per session
Online E-Learning Modules- GEL
£75 (per governing body)
(This is an LA package discounted price. If you choose
to buy direct through GEL, the cost will be £150)
Online E-Learning Modules– Modern Governor
£100 (per governing body)
(This is an LA package discounted price. If you choose
to buy direct through Modern Governor, the cost will
be £299)
Monitoring of Governing Body minutes Review of a
full year of governing body papers and minutes, with
feedback to the governing body as a tool to assess the
impact of the governing body activities (equivalent to
2 days work)
(This can also be purchased using Schools
Improvement SLA credits)
This may be limited to schools where we are already
engaged in governor improvement activities
dependent on demand
External Review of Governance
(This can also be purchased using School
Improvement SLA credits)
Governing Body Meeting Observation
Attendance at a full GB meeting resulting in a short
report with recommendations to improve practice
(1 day)
(This can also be purchased using School
Improvement SLA credits)
This may be limited to schools where we are already
engaged in governor improvement activities
dependent on demand
CPD Online
• Plea to ensure details are accurate and up to date
• Regular review of database or “Rubbish in =
Rubbish out”
• Email changes to [email protected]
In The News
Items for discussion and
development activities for the next
Thank You for Attending

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