Sumo Paint: A Visitor`s Guide

Sumo Paint- A Visitors Guide
By Ian Yeager
• Demonstrate the basic properties of Sumo
• Instruct how to apply these skills to an
uploaded image
• Test your knowledge with an online
• For my audience to learn how to navigate
around Sumo Paint, insert an image, and edit
it in two different ways.
• Students and teachers will do the following on
their own and with a limited amount of online
– Load one image onto the canvas of Sumo Paint
– Use the magic wand tool to select portions of the
image to edit
– Apply the Paint Bucket tool to change colors of any
part of the image.
– Use the text tool to personalize the image
– Save the image to the desktop for personal use.
Other Familiar Tools
• There are many other programs out
there that are useful in making computer
aided designs.
• Some things that you may already know
how to use that will help you with Sumo
– Microsoft Paint
– Microsoft PowerPoint/Word
– Kodak Easy Share Photo Editor
Getting Started
• Now that you know the goals and objectives
of this presentation lets go ahead and get
started with Sumo Paint. Start by visiting and clicking “Open Sumo
Sumo Paint: The Canvas
• After a few seconds, a blank canvas will appear. Feel
free to doodle around and try out the Brush Tool, or
a personal favorite of mine- The Symmetry Tool.
The Canvas we will work with
Symmetry Tool
Sumo Paint: Uploading an Image
• To upload an image to your canvas
– Select File
– Open from My Computer
– Choose any image you would like to edit from
your computer
Sumo Paint: Editing an Image
• I have uploaded an image of the Boston Bruins logo. I will
then select the Magic Wand Tool to choose an area I would
like to edit (I have selected the B)
Sumo Paint: Editing the Image
• Next select the Paint Bucket, and click the Foreground Color
box to choose the color you would like to insert into the
• When you choose a color, click the selection with the Paint
Bucket. The selection will change color.
Sumo Paint: Editing and Image
• Now that you know how to apply the Magic
Wand and Paint Bucket Tools, lets customize
the image further by adding text with the Text
Sumo Paint: Editing an Image
• Once you click your image with the text tool a text
box will appear. Type anything you would like. You
can edit the text by adjusting the settings in in the
text tool bar.
Sumo Paint: Editing an Image
• Once you have achieved the desired fills, colors and fonts for
your image, you can save it directly to your computer for
personal use.
– Choose File
– Save to My Computer
• We have used Sumo Paint to edit the image of
our choice.
• Customization was achieved through the use
of text application, as well as fill color
• Now it is time to see what you have
–Choose a logo of your choice (Team,
College, Company, etc.) and make it
personalized by adding text and
changing the colors.
The Finale
• This application is important because it
essentially highlights how open source
software on the web can make everyone's
lives easier.
• If you ever need to do some photo editing or
graphic design, Sumo Paint should be your
first choice- Its free!

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