The Workplace

The Workplace
Michelle Darby
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Work Culture
A workplace is the location or premises where an
employee carrying out any functions in relation to
his or her employment
Job Opportunities for Apparel/
Fashion Merchandising Students
Assistant Buyer
Trend Forecasting/ Analyst
Showroom Assistant
Visual Merchandiser
Allocation Analyst
Product Developer/Brand Manager
Preproduction Coordinator
Spec Technician
Sourcing Assistant
Sourcing Coordinator
Fabric/Trim Buyer
Licensing Coordinator
Job Opportunities for Home
Furnishings Merchandising Students
Furniture Manufacturer
Visual Merchandising
Home Furnishings
Home economics teacher
Interior designer
Farm and Home Management
Funeral Home Directors
First lime supervisors
Appraisers, Real Estate
Residential Advisors
Job opportunities for
Apparel/ Fashion
Merchandising Students
 Brand Management
This exciting and challenging path exposes students to the marketing of
a product from concept, development, and strategic planning to
manufacturing, promotion, and distribution from an entry level position as
Administrative Assistant or Marketing Assistant & Manager to high profile
positions as Director, Vice President, Senior Vice President, etc.
 Sales Management
Marketers build brand and sales teams to become successful. Join the
sales organization and work with its retail partners to introduce new
products, write orders, and manage inventory, coordinate promotional
efforts, and generate sales. Positions are available from entry level to
Account Coordinator, Account Executive & Regional Director, to Senior
 Product Development
Product innovation and technology are key components to successful
marketing. Be a part of the team who works with Research &
Development and suppliers to develop new products. Identify market
needs, evaluate competition, conduct market research, and bring new
products to market. Positions are available from entry level to
Coordinator, Manager, Director, Vice President, Senior Vice President of
Product Development.
 Retail Management
Enjoy the many careers within the variety of Retail environments such as
specialty and department stores, boutiques, salons, and spas. From
Buying and Merchandising to Counter Manager and Special Events, the
skilled individual will hire and manage employees, track sales, develop
and coordinate promotions, and develop strong relationships with
 Communications & Promotions
Become partners with marketers to reach their target markets through
careers in Advertising, Public Relations, Sales Promotions, and Direct
Marketing. Opportunities are available within beauty companies or
outside agencies who specialize in the different areas. Positions include
entry level to Account Manager, Creative Services, and Strategic &
Media Planner
Careers for Apparel/ Fashion Merchandising
Product Developer/Brand Manager
Control an image. Be responsible for managing the development of all new styles within the total line for a specific brand within the context of the
company's financial plans and business strategy. Develop unique and creative ways to brand the company's product.
Take trend spotting to the next level. Turn trends into profitable products that meet the needs of the target customer. Responsible for Product
Development from conceptual design, budgeting and production, to the final marketing of the product.
Trend Analyst
Get ahead of the fashion curve. Spot trends before they happen and analyze their influence on future markets. Provide outlook on color, style, and fabric
to the Merchandising Team, who will incorporate the upcoming trends into new product lines.
Preproduction Coordinator
Develop detailed specifications and costs for individual styles within a brand's seasonal line. Perfect the style details, fit, and patterns for garments before
starting production. Communicate with global suppliers and manufacturers on a daily basis.
Spec Technician
Measure garments and record all measurements to ensure precise development of patterns. Communicate all details with global suppliers and checks for
accuracy on a daily basis.
Sourcing Assistant
Be a creative source. Conduct research to determine the best source of materials to create and manufacture a finished garment/product and where it will
be produced at home and internationally.
Fabric/Trim Buyer
Add a special touch. Locate and buy fabrics and trims that a Designer needs for an upcoming line. Cultivate relationships with vendors and attend trade
Licensing Coordinator
Acts as the primary contact person between the licenser (owner of a brand/name) and the licensee (company that pays the rights to use the brand/name).
A fast-paced, lucrative career in the growing field of licensing.
Licensing Coordinator
Maintain the flow of information between the development team and the production sources. Oversees product details, fit and patterns. Communicates
with global suppliers and manufacturers on a daily basis.
Sourcing Coordinator
Conducts research and determines the best source of materials to create and manufacture a finished garment or product and where it will be produced.
Become an expert in foreign customs and cultures.
Professional Dress
Pant or skirt suit
Tie for men
Shirts neatly tucked in
Flats or low heels
Conservative clothing
Pressed pants and shirts
Knee length dresses and
Professional behavior in the
 Be Reliable
-Being punctual, meeting deadlines
 Being willing to work
-Go above and beyond, take initiative
 Be Respectful
-Show respect to the company, boss and coworkers
 Keep job and personal life separate
-Two drink minimum to prevent oversharing/limit the amount of
outside time to prevent gossiping
Professional Behavior in the
 Being courteous and having
good manners
 Being punctual
 Keeping confidential details
 Honesty
 Be reliable and dependable
 Appropriate dress and hygiene
 Have respect for others
 Avoid conflicts of interest
 Keep job and personal life
Unprofessional Dress
Extremely high heels
Very long nails
Low cut tops
Very tight clothing
Too many accessories
Too much make up
Revealing clothing
Wrinkled clothing
Sandals or flip flops
Too much perfume
Unprofessional Behavior in the
 Being lazy
-Showing up for work hung-over
 Being insubordinate
-Not taking your job seriously
 Do not use mix business with pleasure
-Sexual harassment
 Do not use company funds and resources for personal
-Company cards used for extravagant lunches
Unprofessional Behavior in the
 Profanity/ foul language
 “Hooking Up” with Co-Workers
 Extended lunches; showing up
late or leaving early
 Accepting expensive gifts
 Do not use company funds and
resources for personal benefit
 Constant personal phone calls
 Bad Hygiene
 Constantly calling in or no show
 Venting about work online
 What other unprofessional
behavior have you witnessed at
Personal Experience
 I work at a bank and one of my previous managers
would accept nice gifts from a customer who would
bring them in constantly. Due to his nice gestures,
she took in a large check and deposited it with no
hold. It turned out to be a bad check and the
money was never recovered. She cost the
company a lot of money and also lost her job.
Diversity in the Workplace
 Diversity in U.S. companies is legally enforceable under equal
opportunity laws administered by the U.S. Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
 Refers to the differences that people bring to their jobs on the
basis of gender, age, race, ethnicity or professional background.
 Enforcing employee diversity is not merely legal, but beneficial to
the company.
Personal Experience
At my internship, I was constantly bullied by assistant manager, he
called names like “Caprisa” or “Shenita”. At my workplace, this made me
feel uncomfortable and it also caused the other stylist not to respect me.
Eventually me bringing it to his attention in front of others made him stop
but, now it happens to the stylist more frequent. The assistant manger is
over HR, and says things to the stylist like, “ Go help your people”.
-What is the difference between harassment and being bullied? How would
you solve this problem without compromising your intern?
Examples of Employers Recruiting
UNT Fashion Merchandising
Art Squad
Auntie's Beads
BTWW Retail, L.P.
CIP Marketing
Dal-Tile Corporation
Far Fetched
Fast Forward
IMC, Inc.
Ivy Jane
Zale Corporation
JCPenney, Inc
Michaels Stores Inc.
Neiman Marcus Direct
Old Navy Pacific
Northern, Inc.
PAJ, Inc.
Prince & Princess
Sally Beauty Co.
Steve & Barry's
University Sportswear
The Apparel Group
The Oprah Magazine
Thorn Network, Inc.
Examples of Employers Recruiting
UNT Home Furnishings
Merchandising Majors:
City of Lewisville
Dal-Tile Corporation
Glen Hollow Day School
Homeyer Engineering
Interiors by Decorating Den
Landmark Development Group
Lawrence Media Group
Mean Green Design
Nationwide Insurance
Project Vote Smart
RDG, Inc.
Robb & Stucky Interiors
SCA Walls, Inc.
Waddill Group, Inc.
Weir & Associates

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