Chapter 10
Railroad Crossings
Complex Intersections
• Responsible Driving - Notes and Study Guide
Controlled intersections
• Controlled intersections have traffic lights, uses a
roundabout, yield signs or stop signs to control traffic.
• If you have a green light, drive carefully through the
intersection at a steady speed. If the light has been green
for quite some time, you should get prepared to stop if the
light turns yellow. If you have crossed the stop line when
the light gets yellow, drive through the intersection with
caution. When your light turns red, bring your vehicle to a
complete stop.
• Slow down or stop at a yield sign and wait for the traffic to
clear before you drive through the intersection.
• Bring the vehicle to a complete stop if you face a stop sign.
Drive through the intersection only when the way is clear.
4 Way Stop – Controlled Intersection
T- Intersection
Uncontrolled intersections
Uncontrolled intersections have no signs or
traffic lights. They are usually found in areas
where there is less traffic. Be cautious while
going through intersections.
Complex Intersection - Controlled
A car will never beat a train!!!
They take too long to stop.
Railroad Warning Sign
Warning Sign that the tracks cross the
Railroad Cross buck means to stop
before crossing the tracks
Never stop on the railroad track!!
Roundabout – enter counterclockwise
at 20 MPH
Complex Intersections
Complex Intersection
Cloverleaf Interchange – cars change
directions via “loops” in the roadway.
Diamond Interchange –often for lowertraffic interchanges without special
Trumpet Interchange – a simple way to
end one freeway at another.
Roundabout Interchange

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