Social Media for Late Adopters: How to Use Facebook and Twitter

Social Media for
Late Adopters
Brian Jenkins
Digital Media Coordinator
•What is Twitter?
•What is Facebook?
•Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram
•We go live!
What is Twitter?
• Twitter as a microblogging platform.
 Short messages called “Tweets”.
 Each Tweet is 140 characters or less.
• Twitter as a social networking tool.
“Followers”: Twitter users who subscribe to your page.
“Following”: Twitter users whose page you follow.
“Mentions”: Tweets from other users that include your
Twitter username.
“Favorites”: Tweets that have been saved by other users.
A tweet is any individual message on Twitter.
Each tweet must be 140 characters or less.
Each tweet displays your user name. Usernames always begin
with the @ symbol. For example, ACTE’s username is
Tweet by another user, forwarded to you by someone you
Tweet by you, forwarded by one of your followers to all of their
You can Retweet someone by pressing the Retweet button or by copying
their Tweet and adding the letters “RT” to the start of the message.
“Mentions” are any Tweets from other users that include your Twitter
Mentions can be found under the CONNECT tab.
• Twitter users can save Tweets they like by clicking the
Favorite button.
• Good way of saving articles and other content
for later use.
To find out which of your posts have been “favorited”, click the CONNECT
What is a hashtag?
• Hashtags are used to follow conversations and to
read up on “trending” (popular) topics on Twitter.
The two hashtags for this tweet are
#careerteched and #skillsgap.
It’s generally considered poor form to use more than two hashtags per tweet.
How to search using a hashtag
At left, a search for the
hashtag #skillsgap.
Hashtag searches render
hashtags in bold.
When enough people use
a hashtag, that topic is
considered “trending.”
When posting CTE news, always try to include the hashtag
“#CareerTechEd”. This is the official ACTE hashtag and will
be used to track and retweet posts.
Other Important #hashtags
Hashtags important to ACTE and the CTE Community:
#VISION13 (Official VISION hashtag)
#Climbingthehill (Official NPS hashtag)
#CTEMonth (Official CTE Month hashtag)
• Direct Message: Also called
a DM, these Tweets are
private messages between
two users.
• Note: While DM’s are
private conversations, it’s
generally a poor idea to
share any sensitive or
personal information on
Twitter, given the platform’s
very public nature.
#FF: stands for "Follow Friday." Each Friday, Twitter users suggest
who others should follow by tweeting with the hashtag #FF.
• MT: short hand for “modified Tweet”. Used as a way to
paraphrase someone else. As always, take caution when
paraphrasing as to not change the meaning of the original
Other Useful Twitter Terms
• HT or h/t: Usually means "hat tip." A way of acknowledging
the person who originally shared the content being
tweeted, such as a link to an article, photo, or video.
• OH: most often means "overheard" in Tweets. Used as a
way to quote funny, insightful, or otherwise interesting
things people overhear.
URL shortening
URL shortening
 Allows for uses to share links on Twitter without going
over the 140 character limit.
Popular URL shortening programs
What is Facebook?
• Facebook Personal Profile
 Open to any user 13 or over with a verified e-mail address.
 Must use real name.
• Facebook Page
“Likes”: Content that your followers click to indicate they
agreed or enjoyed it.
“Shares”: Content that your followers clicked to share
with their own friends or followers.
“Impressions”: The number of times any page, post, or
other piece of content is displayed, whether clicked or
“Reach”: The number of unique users who see your
Facebook Profile
Profile Photo
Cover Photo
• Allows for personalization.
Admin Panel
Status Updates
News Feed
• Introduced in 2006
• Allows your followers to
see status updates in
real time.
• Friends and followers
can like, share, or
Likes and Shares
Paid Promotion
Ways to Use Your Page
Adding Applications to your Page allows additional content to
be displayed and encourages audience participation.
The “Causes” Application allows you to create your own
cause and provides you with tools for fundraising, advocacy
work and raising awareness. You can recruit your audience
to join your cause for support and education.
Promote Upcoming Events on your such as sharing
upcoming fundraisers, conferences and speaking events.
You can invite specific guests and your audience is able to
RSVP to your event from your Page.
What is a hashtag?
• Introduced in 2013, Hashtags are used to follow
conversations and to read up on “trending”
(popular) topics. The hashtags for this post is
How to search using a hashtag
At left, a search for the
hashtag #careerteched.
Other Important #hashtags
Hashtags important to ACTE and the CTE Community:
• #VISION13 (Official Career Tech VISION 2013 hashtag)
• #Climbingthehill (Official NPS hashtag)
• #CTEMonth (Official CTE Month hashtag)
• #PerkinsCTE (Official Perkins reauthorization hashtag)
• Pinterest is a social media
platform that allows users to
share hobbies and interests
• Pinterest as electronic version
of your refrigerator door.
• Users populate “boards”
based on topic/theme.
Pinterest, continued
• Users may search by
• Users may “repin”
things that they like
onto their own boards.
• Users can comment on
others’ pins.
• Social networking site
for professionals.
• Users may submit
recommendations, and
job postings.
• Users may follow jobrelated news.
• Photo and videosharing platform. Users
take photos or short
video clips and add
• Both an app and a
• Owned by Facebook,
uses hashtags.

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