Aim: What is meaningful dialogue?

Do Now: Discuss the mid-term
Meaningful Dialogue
 Dialogue is a conversation in writing.
 When writers incorporate dialogue into their pieces,
it makes the story seem more believable. In addition,
dialogue helps to move a story forward, reveal
character relationships and increase the emotion of a
Writing Meaningful
When a new speaker speaks, start a new paragraph
“What do you want for dinner?” Dad asked.
“I’m in the mood for pizza,” I replied.
Always put punctuation marks (commas and periods) inside the
quotation marks
“I wonder,” she said, “what will I be getting for my birthday.”
Introduce or follow dialogue with dialogue tags (such as said,
replied, commented, yelled) along with the speaker’s name
“I don’t know,” said Mike in a puzzled voice.
The Semi-colon has 3 primary functions:
1) To combine two closely related complete sentences (independent clauses) which are
not joined by a conjunction*
2) To separate complete sentences (independent clauses) that are joined by a
conjunctive adverb*
3) To separate items in a list when commas alone would be confusing
The man was wet; he was standing in the rain without an
In this example, there are two complete sentences (independent
#1: “The man was wet.”
(independent clause)
#2 “He was standing in the rain without an umbrella.”
(independent clause)
Jane likes fruit; however, she does not like apples. In this
example, there are two complete sentences
(independent clauses)
#1: “Jane likes fruit.”
(independent clause)
#2 “She does not like apples.”
(independent clause)
These clauses are separated by a semicolon and the conjunctive
adverb “however”.
The school specializes in three fields of study: economics, the
study of the economy; philosophy, the study of thought; and
anthropology, the study of mankind.
#1: “economics, the study of the economy”
Field of study #1
#2: “philosophy, the study of thought.”
Field of study #2
#3: “anthropology, the study of mankind.”
Field of study #3
This list of fields of studies are separated by a semicolon.

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