Aim: To juxtapose “Night Women” and “New York Day Women.”

Aim: To juxtapose “Night Women”
and “New York Day Women.”
Do Now:
Take out your notes for the two stories and
a sheet of loose leaf paper.
1. Why did Dandicat choose these titles for these stories?
2. What do you think is the purpose or theme of each story?
3. Complete the chart below:
How does this song promote empathy?
How does it relate to the story "Night
Write a reaction to both the song and
the story in terms of empathy.
1. What images do you see in this video?
2. How would you describe the mood?
3. What do you think this song is about?
4. How does this song relate to "New York Day
Compare the
images you see in
How does this
affect the way
you read the
stories of
How does this
juxtaposition help
you to understand
"Night Women"
and "New York
Day Women?"
Groups of Four
When you view the images of each story
setting in juxtaposition, what can you infer
about Haiti? New York?
Compare the lives of the women in each
story. How do they differ? How does the
setting of each contribute to these

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