Economic Inclusion and Economic Growth

Economic Inclusion and Economic Growth
Waheed Nazir
Director of Planning & Regeneration
Birmingham City Council
Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP
 Established October 2010
 Business, Education and
Local Authority
 Economic geography
 2 million people
 840,000 jobs
• Government’s chosen vehicle
– Enterprise Zones
– Pooled Business Rates
– Deploying grant funding (Growing Places
– Local Transport Bodies
– Directing EU Funding – ESF/ERDF
– Single Local Growth Fund
– Local skills strategies
– Business support framework
– City / Growth Deals
City Deal 1
• 10,000 additional jobs, building on the
40,000 created in the Enterprise Zone
• 3,600 additional apprenticeships
• 2,800 additional new homes through shared
public asset investment
• Institute of Translational Medicine
• 15,000 homes retrofitted and insulated,
alleviating fuel poverty
• Establish an evergreen fund for recycling
£1.5bn public sector investments
Strategy for Growth
• Economic plan underpins all LEP
activity based around supporting
business, people and place
• Ambitious targets, by 2020:
– A net increase of at least 100,000
private sector jobs
– A net increase of at least £8.25 billion
– A decrease in unemployment across
the LEP to fall in line with at least the
national average
– An increase in GVA per-head across
the LEP to meet the national average
– An increase in the percentage of the
working-age population with NVQ3+
to be above the Core City LEP
GBSLEP Spatial Plan for Recovery and Growth
• Spatial Plan for Recovery & Growth
(SPRG) to sit alongside and provide
the spatial expression of the GBSLEP
Strategy for Growth
• Provide the context for individual
local development plans
• Long term, look ahead 20+ years
looking at the scale and distribution
of growth
• Provide a focus for relationships
with adjoining LEPs
UK Central
Previously known as M42
Economic Gateway
Masterplan published June 2013
showing potential of area up to
Outlines how area around NEC
and Airport could be developed to
create 100,000 jobs and boost
GVP by £19.5bn
Proposes measures needed to
capitalise on gateway, such as:
Investment in local connectivity,
including new modes of rapid transit
Investment in J6 of M42 to facilitate
growth of Airport and NEC
Creation of special purpose vehicle
Piloting single growth fund
City Centre Enterprise Zone
Designated April 2011
Largest EZ in UK - 26 sites
across 70 hectares
Based upon sectoral strengths
A business rate discount worth
up to £55,000 per year per
Radically simplified planning
approaches – 2 LDO’s in place
Support for superfast
UKTI support for inward
Retention of business rates for
25 years – enables use of TIF

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