Using Socrative for Data to Guide Instruction

What Is Socrative?
0 Socrative is a smart student response system that
empowers teachers to engage their classrooms
through a series of educational exercises and games
via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
0 Socrative Introduction Video
How Does Socrative Fit In Our
Professional Learning Plan?
0 Data Analysis is one of the 2 major areas we are
focusing on in our professional learning plan.
0 Socrative can be used to collect aggregated data and
exported it to an easy to read report in an Excel file or
viewable online as a Google spreadsheet.
0 This can be used to guide instruction.
What Can Socrative
Be Used For?
0 Real Time Formative Assessment
0 You can create a real time formative assessment to take a snapshot of student
thinking. It is very easy- you just choose your question type (multiple choice,
true/false, and/or short answer), ask a question, and wait for responses.
0 Quizzes
0 You can design your own evaluation exercises in minutes by importing questions
or inputting them on their website. Questions can be multiple choice, short answer,
or a combination. If you elect to use multiple choice, they will be graded for you.
0 Exit tickets
0 Use technology to check in on your students' understanding as they head out the
door. Gather responses on their comfort with the material as well as answers to
questions you created.
0 Games
0 Engage your students in fun exercises that track their performance while they're
playing a fast-paced rocket race game. The team(s) answer questions which moves
their rocket. The team that get their rocket the furthest across the screen wins!
* Reminder, If students are using their cell phones,
PDA’s or tablets, they MUST fill out a BYOT Contract
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 To create an activity go to:
0 Enter your email and password
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 Once you are logged in, you can create an assignment
by selecting the type you want to use.
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 If you want to ask
your questions aloud
or display on your
board but have
students respond
using Socrative,
0 Multiple Choice
0 True/False
0 Short Answer
0 If you want to enter
your questions into
Socrative for students to
see when completing
the activity, select
Manage Quizzes. By
selecting Manage
Quizzes you can create:
0 Quizzes
0 (Optional: can be turned
into Exit Tickets or
For this purpose of this learing session, you will create a quiz
where students can see the questions being asked.
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 Click on Manage Quizzes to reach this screen:
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 Click on Create Quiz to enter questions
0 Select Multiple Choice or Short Answer
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 Select Multiple Choice or Short Answer
0 Enter Questions & check the box next to the answer that
is the correct choice. Click Save
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 Once your activity is created, and you clicked save, click
return to main screen.
0 Now you can select how you want to administer the
0 Click Space Race if you want students to use the quiz as
a race game.
0 Click start quiz if you want students to use the activity
as an assessment. Select your saved quiz then select 1 of
the following:
0 Student Paced Quiz: Students answers questions at their own
0 Teacher Paced Quiz: Teacher puts up questions at their pace
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 After you have selected student paced or teacher
paced, have students to join your session
0 Tell your class to go to:
0 Tell them to join Room Number XXXX to participate
in your session
0 Students answer questions when prompted
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 When the students respond to questions, you’ll see
the results on your screen
How Do I Create An Activity
Using Socrative?
0 You will also receive a detailed report with emailed to
you for review. This data can be used to inform
instruction and evaluate effectiveness.
Interpreting Results
0 Once you have results from your assessment, you can
effectively make informed decisions to improve
teaching and learning.
0 For example, using the data sample from my
International Trade Quiz on handout 4, I can determine
that Question 3 was frequently missed. Why was
question 3 missed? I can look at the question for flaws. If
no flaws exist, I need to reteach the material for a higher
percentage of student mastery.
Any Questions?
0 Now, it is your turn to practice what you just learned.
You have 10 minutes to create a 3 question quiz using
0 If you need extra support, watch this tutorial.
Any Questions Now?
0 Now that you have practiced with Socrative, please
evaluate the effectiveness of my professional learning
session by going to:
0 E.Henderson’s Professional Learning Session Evaluation
0 Use Room # 27716

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