Accountability PowerPoint

Why is accountability important?
• The purpose of an
accountability system is to
track the location and
objectives of all personnel
operating within the
hazard zone
• An accountability system
provides enhanced
personal safety for
individual firefighters
• Remember- good
beginnings lead to good
How can we get better?
• Early accountability
– Capturing the first units on scene
– Firefighters must be tracked once tactical assignments have
been made---not after the fact
Hazard Zone Accountability
1. Staying Together
2. Always maintaining the
capability to exit the hazard zone
3. Not working past any crew
member’s anticipated air supply
4. Maintain crew integrity
Primary Size-up – Initial Radio Report
Arrival on Scene
Description of the
Description of the problem
Assuming and Naming Command
Assigning a tactical channel
• “E101 is on the scene of a two
story duplex with a working fire on
the second floor, side 3. E101 is
assuming Demaret Command, all
units check in on Gold upon
• “E101 is on the scene of a two
vehicle, head on collision. Both
vehicles are upright in the roadway
with heavy front end damage.
E101 is assuming 133 Command,
all units check in on Gold on
Secondary Size-up
• Secondary Size-up (360)
– Declare the command post location over
the radio
– Determine the incident strategy
– Resource Determination
• Fire
Offensive or Defensive
“Columbia from Demaret
Command, 360 complete, we have
a working fire on side 3, command
post will be located at E101, we
are in the offensive strategy.”
Extrication or non-extrication
“Columbia from 133 Command,
secondary size-up. We have
confirmed extrication with a total
of 2 patients.”
How else can we get better?
• PAR (Personnel Accountability Report)
– Intended to permit rapid determination of who
may be at risk or lost during sudden changes at
the scene (MAYDAY)
– Tracks crews during time intervals at working fires
• Situational Awareness
• Maintaining crew integrity
– No freelancing!
– Only the Incident Commander can give you an
Buffalo, NY LODD
August 24, 2009
• 3:51 a.m. – fire crews were sent to 1815 Genesee Street in
Buffalo. When they arrived, they were met by a resident who
said he heard people trapped inside. Crews began searching the
building, but were eventually ordered out as conditions
• 4:22 a.m. – Members of Rescue 1 entered the building to make
sure all firefighters had evacuated the building. Less than two
minutes later the floor in the rear of the building collapsed. Lt.
McCarthy of Rescue 1 fell into the basement as the floor
collapsed. according to the report, other members of Rescue 1
were unaware of the collapse and only reported hearing a loud
FF Jonathan Croom
noise. McCarthy began calling for help on his radio, but other
Lt. Chip McCarthy
members of Rescue 1 were unable to determine where the calls
were coming from and left the building unaware that Lt.
McCarthy was trapped.
4:23 a.m. – Firefighter Croom entered the building after hearing the calls for help. the report says he did not exit the building,
apparently falling into the basement near Lt. McCarthy.
4:31 a.m. – An emergency head count was ordered to determine the identity of the missing firefighter. Lt. McCarthy was reported
missing at that time, but FF Croom was not. Firefighters in the front of the store reported hearing a pass alarm, but could not reach it
due to extreme fire conditions, a weakened floor and continuing collapse.
4:48 a.m. – all crews were ordered out of the building because it had become unsafe.
Later, concerns began to arise that FF Croom was missing. the report says
he was erroneously reported in a remote area.
5:46 a.m. – On scene personal realize FF Croom is missing and likely inside the building.
6:10 a.m. – Another head count is taken and FF Croom is reported missing.
9:18 a.m. – the Recovery Group reports that the two missing firefighters had been located in
the basement, covered in fallen debris.
9:32 a.m. – the debris is cleared and Recovery Group firefighters reach Lt. McCarthy and FF Croom.
What’s next?
• Incident Command Board
• Two-line accountability
• Passport system
• Command Aide
• Accountability
– Truck Check IC
– Training IC
Command Aide
• Monitors Dispatch Channel
• Manager of the Command
• Manages crews in staging
• Keeps incident
• Captures time
– Crews working time
– Completed Benchmarks

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