From Vista 8 to Blackboard Learn 9.1

From Vista 8 to Blackboard
Learn™ 9.1 – Lessons
Learned and Tips for Success
Dan Stoffel, Northern Arizona University
Erin Shelley, Northern Arizona University
Overview of Northern Arizona University
• ~22,000 students
• Vista 8.0.4, transitioning to Bb Learn 9.1
• ~6,000 sections/semester currently created
automatically in the LMS
• General info:
Migration Process
• Bulk of migration work is done by student
• Anticipate ~1500 – 2000 total migrations
– Over 1700 requests as of July 2011
• One challenge is getting accurate, timely requests
from instructors
• Use as many communication channels as possible
Academic department meetings
Direct emails
Vista announcements
Inside NAU publications
Migration Requests
• Authentication automatically gathers instructor’s Vista course
• 3 key pieces of information:
– What course and section needs to be migrated from Vista?
– When will it first be taught in Bb Learn?
– When does it need to be done (i.e., the latest the instructor needs to
start working on it)?
• We check for duplicates
– Multiple sections of the same course are not necessarily identical
– Encourage different instructors of the same course to work on a
common course design
• Link to Request Form (mockup):
Migration Database
• Tracks every migration request from start to finish
• Sortable/searchable/filterable by instructor, course,
department, semester, process, etc.
• Instructors may see the status of their own migration requests
• Each request also opens a ticket in our support-tracking
• Each migration broken down into separate processes
– 28 processes (currently!); not every process will necessarily pertain to every
– Processes are modified as service packs are released or issues are
discovered or corrected
– Each process is checked out (locked) then checked back in by a migration
worker; comments may be added
Migration Database
Main Migration Database view
• Filters used to limit # of results returned
Migration Database
Migration Detail view
• All main details on right; process check-in/out on left
Migration Database
Process Detail view
• Comments may be added; check “Completed” when done
Migration Processes
28 Separate Processes (still evolving)
Link to Processes --
• First process is to check for duplicate requests (multiple sections of the
same course, either by the same instructor, or different instructors)
• 5 are done by Admins; all others may be done by student employees
– 1.1: Copy Vista Section
– 1.2: Enroll Migration Workers
– 1.26: Enroll and Notify Instructor (Future Course)
– 1.27: Fix Banner Image and Header
– 1.28: Copy Migration to Real Shell
Migration Worker role created on Bb Learn for Student Employees
(local accounts on both Vista and Bb Learn)
– May archive, restore and categorize courses
– May quick-enroll
Questions & Resources
Northern Arizona University e-Learning Center
Dan Stoffel
[email protected]
Erin Shelley
[email protected]
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From Vista 8 to Learn 9.1 –
Lessons Learned and Tips for Success

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