Roller Derby 101 - Gas City Rollers

Fresh Meat
Brought to you by
the Gas City Roller
Derby Association
Women’s Flat Track Derby
Association (WFTDA)
• Roller derby would not
be the sport it is today
without WFTDA. The
international governing
body for flat track
leagues, WFTDA sets
the rules, regulations of
derby and also helps to
advance and further the
Oh Canada …
It all started in Alberta …
• Oil City Derby Girls were the first league
to form North of the 49. Since then,
many leagues have formed
representing cities and towns of all
sizes throughout our country. Canada’s
governing insurance body is the
Canadian Women’s Roller Derby
Association CWRDA.
Gas City Roller Derby
Association (GCRDA)
Non-profit since 2009
• The Gas City Rollers
became a on-profit roller
derby league in 2008-09.
Since then we have been
training to play the
competitive sport of roller
derby. The guys and gals
involved in the sport are
committed to the community
and have volunteered with
many community
organizations to make an
impact in the community of
Medicine Hat
How it all works …
• Fresh Meat Skaters:
Full Skate Members:
These are our newbies, they train
on the basics of roller derby:
falls, footwork, stops,
crossovers ect. Skaters are
expected to start reading the
wftda rulebook and pass
minimum benchmark skills to
advance to full skate. Fresh
meat skaters are expected to
volunteer for game day and
league events.
Here the rules and strategy of the
game are learned. Skaters are
expected to integrate basic
skills with team and pack play.
Skaters are expected to have a
working knowledge of the wftda
rulebook and will write a wftda
rules test before they are able to
bout. Skaters must maintain
benchmark skills and
rebenchmark annually. Skaters
are expected to attend
practices, volunteer for league
committees and be in good
standing to play.
Membership fees & Insurance
• Monthly membership fees for members
• Insurance fees are $50 per year. Fresh
meat can skate 2 weeks before requiring
CWRDA insurance. You will need to
insured to skate, bout in our facility.
The straight dope on gear:
• Fresh Meat packages
are recommended for
beginner skaters. At the
minimum you need,
mouth guard, helmet,
wrist, knee and elbow
protection and of
course, roller skates.
Additional gear allowed
can include; shin
guards, butt/hips
protection ect.
Get your head in the game!
• Becoming a Gas City
Rollers means playing
roller derby! But before
you bout … it’s a great
idea to get an
understanding of the
game …
Being a part of the team!
• Gas City Rollers don’t
just kick butt on the
track. We kick butt all
over the community!
Members of the team
need to lend a hand,
volunteer time and
resources to host bouts,
fundraise and team up
with over non-profits to
make a difference in our
Time Commitment!
• We all have busy lives, families, school, jobs, relationships! But
to join the crazy world of derby, you will have to commit your
time and energy to the cause. To play you must attend
practices, pay your membership fees and be in good standing
with the league. We practice 2 x week from 8pm to 9:30pm
We need refs! NSOs!
Get involved with derby!
• Derby girls could not
play without the
support of their reffing
crew, NSO crew and
volunteers to make
the game happen! If
you are interested in
reffing or becoming a
Non-Skating Official
please talk to the
GCRDA ref crew
Gas City Rollers are into
Need more info?
• Like us on FB!
• Get added to our group page!
• Email us:
[email protected]
**Talk to a member! We are
wealth of information:)

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