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Credit Check
June 21, 2012
Credit Check Webinar
Jay Frymark – Director Parish Finances
Jane Budney – Director Parish Human
Why Credit Reports?
Archdiocesan Council of Priests resolution
Tool to help parish leader assess potential
Adds another layer of due diligence
Initiate discussion to determine risk level
Who else checks credit
Who is covered?
Priests, Parish Directors
Paid staff that regularly handles funds or the
accounting thereof
Volunteers and contractors are not covered
When is a credit report needed?
Priests and Parish Directors: upon appointment
Trustees: During nomination for (re)election
Paid staff: Upon hire
Effective on or after July 1, 2012
Priests, parish directors and staff: thereafter
coincident with 5 year criminal background
What is to be provided?
Only a Credit Report is requested, not a credit
You may submit a report from Equifax, Experian
or TransUnion
Credit Reports are free every 12 months
What’s in a credit report?
What will they look for?
 Personal Information: verify your data is accurate
What’s in a credit report?
 Credit accounts: loans, credit cards: look for unsatisfactory accounts, e.g.,
late payments, especially over 30 days, credit limits at maximum
What’s in a credit report?
 Negative/adverse information:
Delinquent accounts
Civil judgments
Accounts referred to collection
Liens for nonpayment
Negative/Adverse Information
What’s in a credit report?
Contact Parish Finance Office for
assistance in interpreting reports
Parish Finance will coordinate as
necessary with Human Resources
Who will review my credit report?
What happens after it is reviewed?
Priests and Parish Directors are reviewed by
Rick Tank
Trustees and staff are reviewed by the pastor,
administrator or parish director
Report is returned to individual or destroyed; no
copies are retained
Concerns with the process:
Is it legal to request a credit report?
What should be done if a prospective trustee or
employee will not furnish a report?
What about a current employee?
What if something is discovered that makes a
person unsuitable for their position?
Credit Report Resources
Jay Frymark 414-769-3336
Doug Miller 414-769-3377
Jane Budney 414-769-3370
[email protected]
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