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Spring Term 2014 | Boise State University, Basque Studies Workshop
In a real sense, Basques are “Europe’s oldest family:”
the oldest indigenous inhabitants of this corner of
western Europe; they were there long before the IndoEuropean ancestors of the Spanish and French arrived.
This people—always
small in number and
against the odds—
found ways of keeping
their traditions
alive. But modern
times have presented a
new set of challenges
and opportunities.
Good or bad, globalization is the reality and Basques—
if Basques are to endure as a distinct entity—will have
to develop effective strategies to navigate the complex
The opening of Bilbao’s Guggenheim art gallery in 1997
drew much critical commentary. It has served as the
center-piece of Bilbao’s re-invention from a former
industrial city to modern cosmopolitan center.
Guggenheim Bilbao
__‘McGuggenisation’ is a complex negotiation of
identity which includes the possibility of local
actors ‘indigenizing’ dominant cultures
__challenging the established European nationstate model that ‘revalues’ cities peripheral to
the metropolitan core of the nation-state
__can Basques still be Basques in a modern,
globalized world? How to retain Basque cultural
A multi-disciplinary program of advanced study of the
Basque people specifically—while exploring the human
condition generally—that involves varied aspects of
language, history, politics, economics, etc., all the while
seeking to forge learning links to empower students
(Basque & non-Basque alike) to generate a satisfying,
self-directed pursuit of life-long learning.
Globalization: pros & cons
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ACTION ITEM: Consider only including thesis statements, topic sentences, and major examples and illustrations.
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d) Use source lines if you borrow images: EX: (Source: US Department of Energy)
-- Productivity grows more quickly when countries
produce goods and services in which they have a
comparative advantage. Living standards can go up faster.
-- Global competition and cheap imports keep a lid on
prices, so inflation is less likely to derail economic growth.
-- An open economy spurs innovation with fresh ideas
from abroad.
-- Export jobs often pay more than other jobs.
-- Unfettered capital flows give the U.S. access to foreign
investment and keep interest rates low..
(American examples)
-- Millions of Americans have
lost jobs due to imports or
production shifts abroad. Most
find new jobs--that pay less.
-- Millions of others fear losing
their jobs, especially at those
companies operating under
competitive pressure.
-- Workers face pay-cut demands from employers, which
often threaten to export jobs.
-- Service and white-collar jobs are increasingly vulnerable
to operations moving offshore.
-- U.S. employees can lose their comparative advantage
when companies build advanced factories in low-wage
countries, making them as productive as those at home.
In this section, use (or create more) these text boxes
to develop the highlights—in an appealing visual
fashion—of the case statement you prepared by
cutting and pasting your text directly into the text
boxes below to preserve formatting size.
Photos, at above and
at right , sh.
Team folders
Student Comments:
“I found it extremely helpful
Photos, above and below, show teams working on a
team-based activity during the lecture. These photos
were taken in the larger, more crowded lecture.
demonstrated more
skill at solving openended problems
involving estimation
when compared to
past semesters;
evidence of some
improvement in
critical thinking
definition: the
process by
which different
parts of the
world interact
politically, and

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