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Beginning this week all level two students in the 9th grade Wonder
Curriculum are reading a novel selected by the second period enrichment
teacher. Each teacher is to choose a novel, create lessons, and have them
available for the other teachers should they wish to use them for their next
I have chosen Ray Bradbury’s Illustrated Man. I chose this novel for several
reasons. First, he uses neologisms – newly created words. I think perhaps
these created words might stretch them to think below the surface of the
text’s vocabulary. Also, many of the students in my school have tattoos or
are planning to get tattoos. I thought this collection of short stories might
grab and hold their attention. Also, Bradbury uses many juxtapositions.
Students may enjoy finding them and using them for discussion points.
Students will still be using the “Facebook Status” Sheet to update their
independent reading on – attached (I forgot to upload it last week).
This is a four day lesson plan for including introduction to the Illustrated
Man, Ray Bradbury, and The Veldt. The Veldt is to be read to the class.
Teacher to model fluency, inflection, and correct grammar.
Week 1 - Day 1
Task -Intro to
Notes - Here’s a link to How to get a
Illustrated Man tattoo.
20 minutes - IR
5 minutes
Continue with the FB Status Sheets.
How to get a tattoo.
Use the above link to see how to get a tattoo.
Using document camera, show pages from Literary
Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide by Eva
Taladge and Justine Taylor, Harper Perennial,
New York, 2010.
Active Reading
Strategy –
10 minutes
Introduce Author
Ray Bradbury
20 minutes
Meaningful Work
1. Begin reading the introduction to Illustrated Man
Discuss the years in which his books were written and
published, his age, and awards received.
2. Conversations about the introduction to Illustrated
Man . Who is the illustrated man? Why can’t he hold a
job? Who is the narrator? What is happening?
being a compilation of short stories!
3. Explain that the Illustrated Man is a compilation of
short stories.
Week 1 - Day 2
Notes The Veldt can be read using the text book,
American Short Stories, Many Voices Literature,
Second Edition, Perfection Learning, Logan Iowa,
2012. All students will have copy using this book.
20 minutes - IR
Continue with the FB Status Sheets.
5 minutes
The Veldt
What do you think a veldt is? Group discussion.
10 minutes
Anchor Text
The Veldt, pages 397 - 406
20 minutes
Meaningful Work
Period - Benchmark
Vocabulary – abstractedly, crystalline, emanations,
joviality, neurotic. Other words or phrases students are
struggling with.
Figurative Language LA.910.2.1.7
Strategy of Expert
Reader - Connecting
1. Students should write a 3 – 5 sentence paragraph
summing up what has happened thus far.
2. Share out. Does this story remind you of any book or
movie you may have seen?
Movie clip from Smart House
Blog comparison between Veldt and Smart House.
3. Students are to write a response to the blog.
5 minutes
Closing (Community
Week 1 - Day 3
Task -
20 minutes - IR
5 minutes
Notes Continue with the FB Status Sheets.
Follow up to closing
from Day 2 – Ray
Bradbury – before
his time?
This is a link to a company providing interactive
experiences for museums and other types of
10 minutes
Anchor Text
The Veldt – pages 406 – 410.
20 minutes
Meaningful Work
Period - Benchmark
Page 411 – Read and Think Critically. Complete numbers 1
– 5 in pairs.
Figurative Language LA.910.2.1.7
Strategy of Expert
Reader - Connecting
5 minutes
Closing (Community
Discuss, collect for check grade.
Discuss Ray Bradbury – what words would you use to
describe him?
Week 1 - Day 4
Task -
20 minutes - IR
10 minutes – Hook
25 minutes
Continue with the FB Status Sheets.
Benchmark –
LA.910.6.2.2 –
Work Period –
Students will fill out graphic organizer for the Veldt
taken from Teacher’s Edition of American Short Stories,
page 87. Separate attachment.
determine the main
idea or essential
message in gradelevel or higher texts
through inferring,
summarizing, and
identifying relevant
details –
Active Reading
Strategy –
5 minutes
Notes -
Closing (Community
Read link above. Is the source valid and reliable. Discuss
in elbow partner groups. Each group give 1 support
for validity and reliability and 1 dispute for validity
and reliability.
After 20 minutes, discuss theme, characters, setting,
ending, etc.
Any last words on The Veldt?

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