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Successful Deployment of Mathcad for Process Technology Studies at HTW
The School of Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Saarland, Germany
offers courses of study for Bachelor and Masters programs in Process Technology (Electrical and
Process Engineering). Included in these programs are the planning, development, construction,
and operation involved in Power Plant, Environmental, and Process Engineering.
In the course of a studies reform finalized in 2005, HTW determined to strengthen and
enhance the inclusion of computer-aided methods and procedures in the curriculum. In order
to cover the complete spectrum, the implementation of a universal Software Solution was
planned for solving all areas of problems in Mathematics, Natural Science, Technical and
Business Management already included in the Core Curriculum.
Mathcad was ideally suited to become this universally usable tool. Because the notation in Mathcad largely conforms to Mathematical
notation, after learning the simple rules for editing of equations, the students already have a sense of accomplishment.
The validation of syntax and consistency of units that Mathcad performs as part of equation editing makes mistakes immediately
On the worksheet the students receive a clear record of edited problems.
Immediately retrievable graphic representations of the results support the vivid visual nature of the solution.
Mathcad has already been implemented with elementary exercises for core studies; for advanced studies the application was expanded
for complex construction simulation – the possibilities with Mathcad are practically endless.
Through matrix-based Computer Algebra and through programming in the form of structured program blocks, the solutions for complex
statements of problems are clearly and easily achieved.
At the conclusion of their studies, students are capable of independently developing simulations for R&D activities and they later bring
this expertise to their careers.
“Since the 1990’s, during my career I’ve gathered programming experience in FORTRAN. The
implementation of Mathcad proceeded rapidly and effortlessly, and I am continually impressed with
how quickly and elegantly solutions can be achieved with this tool.” - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Reimann
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National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur standardized on Mathcad for Key calculations in
Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, established in 1986 as Regional Engineering College, as a joint and
cooperative enterprise of the Govt. of India and Govt. of Himachal Pradesh. The institute believes in serious
academic pursuit, encourages radical and original thinking with regard to national and international ideas and
policies through intellectually stimulating debates and discussions at all levels. Institute is dedicated to adding
values to life and professional standards. Many feel this institution as a right choice for pursuit of higher studies.
The institution has signed MoUs with National and International Universities and industries for promotion of
research and development.
 Adopt a comprehensive and reliable calculation and simulation software for the M. Tech. and Ph. D
scholars in the Applied Sciences and Humanities and other Engineering disciplines/ departments.
 Mathcad is deployed as the calculation (numeric and analytic) and simulation software for Research
in Mathematical, physical and Engineering Sciences.
 The analytic and Numerical calculations including matrix operations, series expansions, solution of
non-linear polynomial equations, real and complex, Transcendental equations, ordinary and partial
differential equations, evaluation of integral equations and transforms involved in the various fields
of research can be easily done with Mathcad
The department has the credit of successful guidance of M. Tech. and Ph.D. scholars and has published books at
National and International level. Mathcad has been very helpful to us.
Professor Dr. J. N. Sharma & Professor Y D Sharma, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur
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Mathcad - a strong component of the mechanical engineering
curriculum at university in Kempten
Within the context of several courses, the faculty of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the
University of Applied Sciences in Kempten, Bavaria has been introducing Mathcad
as an auxiliary tool for students in their day-to-day mathematical tasks.
Criteria that decide
purchasing decisions:
Easy and quick-to-learn program
Clarity of the computation process, comparable to handwritten work
Visualization options for all data/results
Selection of a basic mathematical tool that far exceeds the capabilities of a hand-held calculator in its functionality
Areas of application
Mathcad is already being used in the basic curriculum during lectures, tutorials and practice sessions
During lectures, mathematical material that is being presented can be implemented on
the computer
Practical working out of solutions for practice tasks and problems
Students develop conceptual solution strategies with pencil and paper that they can then subsequently implement
using Mathcad. At the end of a course, students should be in a position to make decisions with the help of Mathcad
and to bring their acquired skills to use in their future professional positions.
"The graphical interface and the way that Mathcad can be used are impressive. Mathematical concepts can be
directly implemented on the computer. The classic hand-held calculator is done for.“
Prof. Matthias Stiefenhofer, Laboratory Director, Computer Science/ Simulation, Germany
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