Gold Card & FL National Guard Initiatives

Post 9/11 Era Veterans’
Gold Card & FL National Guard
Provide an Overview of the National Gold Card Initiative
Explain the LVER/DVOP and One Stop Career Center
Staff Responsibilities for Post 9/11 Era Veterans Services
Provide an Overview of the State of Florida’s National
Guard Employment Initiative
Veterans’ Program Letter No. 01-12
Gold Card Initiative
Training and Employment Notice No. 15-11
Gold Card Initiative
DEO Memorandum dated: December 1, 2011
New Activity Codes for Post 9/11 Veterans
National Guard
• August 5, 2011, President Obama announced a
comprehensive plan to lower veteran unemployment and
ensure service members leave the military “career-ready”
• November 1, 2011, Representatives from FL Senate,
Dept. of Military Affairs, Dept. of Economic Opportunity,
Workforce Florida and the University System met with FL
Senator Don Gaetz to Discuss the high unemployment
rate of FL National Guard members and develop
strategies to combat the percentage
• November 11, 2011, Veterans Day, Gold Card Initiative
Implemented Nationwide
• November 16, 2011, Planning begins for Implementation
of National Guard Employment Joint Initiative with DEO,
• December 1, 2011, DEO Established EFM Activity Codes
for Gold Card (643) and FLNG (642) for identification and
tracking of services provided to Post 9/11 Era Veterans
and FLNG Members
What is the Gold Card?
• Online certificate downloaded and printed by Post 9/11
Era Veterans, presented at One Stop Career Centers to
provide participants with access to enhanced core and
intensive services
• Gold Card information is available through Transition
Assistance Program (TAP) Employment Workshops and
Online at:
Gold Card Intake & Eligibility
• Does NOT change intake procedures under Veterans’ Priority
of Service
• Does NOT change eligibility criteria for DVOP/LVER or WIA
• Post 9/11 Era Veterans accessing One-Stops, the Gold Card
simply adds eligibility for enhanced set of in-person services
• In conjunction with existing procedures for determining
eligibility, Post 9/11 Era status will be determined
• Separate verification of Post 9/11 Era status is NOT required
Gold Card Services
• Combines skill assessment, career coaching, job search
assistance and follow-up
• Comprehensive Assessment (Veterans and One Stop Staff
encouraged to fully access on-line assessment tools)
• Development of an Individual Development Plan
• Covers a 6 month period to ‘jump start’ the participant’s
reconnection to the civilian labor force via Monthly contact
from an assigned case manager
• Services are both in-person and online
Gold Card Online Resources
• Career exploration tool customized for veterans
• Enhanced look-up by service and military code or title
• Translate military occupation to civilian careers
• Find related training and job listings
Gold Card Online Resources
• Transition Resources
• Information about Unemployment Benefits
• Military - to – Civilian Job Search
Gold Card Roles & Responsibilities
• VETS has committed to supporting this Initiative by increasing
the delivery of intensive services by DVOP specialists and LVER
• ETA has committed to supporting this Initiative by increasing
the delivery of intensive services by WIA staff
• DVOP, LVER or other staff will provide the client with
appropriate services, such as resume development, referral to
training, and job referral
• State and local officials are encouraged to take the necessary
initiatives to handle increased workload
FL National Guard Initiative
• Many Post 9/11 Era Veterans are members of the Florida
National Guard
• According to the Florida National Guard, over the last 12
months, returning soldiers have an average unemployment
rate of 17%
• To enhance existing veterans programs and services to
ensure the inclusion of Florida’s National Guard, the DEO
has joined forces with the Department of Military Affairs in
a new initiative which introduces the soldiers of the Florida
National Guard to the Florida One-Stop Career Center
FL National Guard Services
• The One-Stop Veterans Employment staff will provide
Florida National Guard soldiers with tools not only to aid
in the employment search but also to enable them to
have a successful transition upon return from or in
preparing for deployment.
• FLNG members will be offered the same programs and
services provided to other eligible Veterans
• Active membership in FLNG is sufficient to meet criteria
for DVOP/LVER services in Florida
FL National Guard Intake & Eligibility
• Two new Employ Florida Marketplace (EFM) activity codes
have been established to provide identification and
tracking of services to veterans who use the new Gold
Card and/or are members of the Florida National Guard
• 642 - FLNG Member Service - Staff use this service to
identify individuals as active members of the FLNG when
providing services.
• 643 - Gold Card - Staff use this service code to record a
Post 9/11 Veteran’s participation in the USDOL Gold Card

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