Bayer Mark Varner Discussion Piece

2014 High Yield and High Quality Wheat Program
Step 1: Spray between feekes stage 5 - 8
Huskie 12.8 oz./acre +
Stratego YLD 2.5 oz./acre +
Foliar Fertilizer program +
NIS @ 1 qt./100 gal.
Step 2: Spray after heading, feekes 10.51
Prosaro 8.0 oz./acre +
Baythroid XL 2 oz./acre +
NIS @ 1 qt./100 gal.
The best program for a grower trying to get maximum
yields and premiums for his wheat crop.
Early Season Wheat Application for Disease
Control and Plant Health:
-- Apply between feekes 5 and 8 growth stages.
-- Use Stratego YLD 2.5 oz./acre + Foliar Fertilizer program
(Slow release N 1 to 2 gallons/acre, Boron, Mn, Zn, ?)
Consider tissue testing before this application.
Keeps wheat clean from disease until Prosaro application.
Two modes of action for early season disease control.
Boost of nutrition when the wheat needs it without the burn.
Can be mixed with herbicide programs like Huskie or Osprey.
Healthy Fields = Higher Yields
2013 MSU Wheat Fungicide Trials:
Martin Nagelkirk, MSU Extension wheat specialist
McConnachie Farms, Deckerville, MI.
Ambassador wheat variety
1. Untreated Check
87.8 bu/a
2. Prosaro at heading
104.5 bu/a
3. Stratego YLD feekes 7 fb
Prosaro at heading
109.2 bu/a
D.O.N. ppm
Since 2008,
a two step program of Stratego YLD sprayed early season
followed by an application of Prosaro at heading has been the
highest yielding treatment each year it’s been tested.
Average 9 to 21 bu./acre increase vs. Untreated
Bayer CropScience Michigan Contacts:
Dennis Clark, (south MI.)
[email protected]
cell: 517-262-3958
John Martin, (western MI.)
[email protected]
cell: 810-444-0222
Mark Varner, (east MI.)
[email protected]
cell: 586-419-2140
Observations and Notes:
• Two fungicide applications go hand-in–hand with better nitrogen mgmt.
ie…fall starter N, split spring applications, higher N rates.
• Apply 28% nitrogen in-season (feekes 5-7 after green-up) with streamers
in a separate application from herbicides and fungicides.
• Avoid planting wheat into any type of corn residue or trash.
• Aerial application works great with Prosaro because our target is the head
and flag leaf. Segregate parts of fields where airplane may not have
reached like next to power lines, woods, fencerows, etc. May be
differences in head scab (DON).
• Powdery mildew, septoria, and fusarium head scab are our biggest
disease issues in Michigan. Watch out for stripe rust, it is starting to show
up more and more and can devastate yields.
• Control yield robbing grasses in wheat like windgrass and annual
bluegrass which are becoming more of a problem and spreading
throughout the state. Use a post grass product like Osprey in the spring.
• By March 31, 2014, see your retailer to discuss wheat fungicides and to
find out about the $50/gallon rebate on Prosaro, the $70/gallon rebate on
Stratego YLD, and the Bayer/John Deere Financing program.

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