Association for Bright Children (ABC)

Association for Bright Children
London Chapter
Association Presentation by:
Dina Quigg
September 15, 2011
Giftedness = Asynchronous Development
 Uneven Development Intellectually, Emotionally, Physically.
 Dabrowski’s “Over Excitabilities” – a stimulus response that makes
gifted kids extremely sensitive in a variety of ways (Psychological/Central
-Psychomotor…moves, talks, active!
-Sensual…cut the label out, powerful reaction to sensory, aesthetic
-Imaginational… dreamers, poets
-Intellectual…logical imperative, complex reasoning, brain teasers
-Emotional…very sad/very happy, need for deep connections
(OE most susceptible to depression)
 “2 Standard Deviations from the Norm”
 Domain Competence
– Not always smart or “good” at everything!
 Family Genetics
-Sibs within 5-10 I.Q. points of each other
-First born boys most identified
-Girls lose out! Few behavior issues, fly under the radar.
 Elitism? No way!
-“There are a lot more gifted poor kids out there than there are gifted
wealthy kids.”
-Giftedness is colour-blind, crosses cultural and socio-economic lines.
 Neuroplasticity – Use it or lose it.
Some Characteristics of Gifted Children….
Rapid acquisition of information - often 8 times faster than age mates
excellent memory
Despise repetitive/rote tasks
Learning must have relevance to them
Very self-aware and highly critical
Perfectionism, intensity, sensitivity -“internal amp at 11”
Tend to be Spatial/Visual learners
Sense of social justice – question authority
Will pursue interests with passion to the exclusion of other obligations
60% Introverted, compared to 30% of general pop.
Many are referred as behavior problems and not seen as gifted by
parents or teachers.
 Dual exceptionalities and visual spatial learners get smarter as they get
 Many underachieve – 25% drop out. A disproportionate number

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