Umpires for Girls Lacrosse Teams in NCJLA
Eleni Papatestas Rodgers- Girls Lacrosse Assignor
Pre Game
Recruiting Officials
Officials Training
Scheduling and how it affects the umpire
Using Arbiter
Game Time
Sideline Manager
Sportslike behavior
Growth and Feedback for Officials
New rules for 2012
Areas of need
- San Francisco and Berkeley
- North: Marin, Petaluma, Santa Rosa
- Outlying HS Club teams: Chico etc
- Peninsula: San Jose to San Fran
- Adults only for HS games
- Adults for U15A and U13A
Area of strength:
- Junior umpires in the East Bay
- Still need ADULTS
Umpires get paid to watch and work with the
sport they love – or are going to love.
Lots of flexibility- set your own schedule
Spread the word: Athletic individuals, college
students, Umpires in other sports, Parents
Parents- cannot umpire their child’s teams
but plenty of other opportunities
6 hrs of Classroom Training every year
Pass: US Lacrosse Umpires Written Exam
Pass: Field Training
Join US Lacrosse
The importance of training
◦ No umpires = no games
Umpire retention
- Make it a positive, enjoyable experience
- We are all learning!
ARBITER Separate system for umpires
 Designated liason- no more than 2 contacts
 Set up account at same time team roster is
due FEB 1st.
 Umpires have committed their time to your
Forfeits “ Will not be tolerated this season”
- Game cancellation within 72 hours of game
- Email assignor- call referees
Sideline Manager- Walk field, introduce
themselves to table, coaches, umpires.
Neutral party that can assist with sportslike
 Teams, timer and roster before the game
 Timing:
 If running clock- NO SHOT after time has
run out.
 Stop clock at end of halves- allows for shot
if foul occurs before time has run out.
Athletes & coaches should
strive to:
1) Full commitment
toward participation
2) Respect for rules and
3) Respect for social
4) Respect for our
5) Avoid poor attitudes
towards participation
Model positive behavior for your players- lets
benefit from great coaching AND officiating.
Focus on improvement: Umpires only get better
through practice.
Constructive criticism- same principles as
Positive Coaching Alliance. Where can this official
Feedback on Arbiter
March 3 & 4th
Treasure Island
Training Opportunity for Players AND REFEREES!
New Rules for 2012
 Checking
 Field sizes
 No deputy at any level
 Coaching Areas

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