Your Travel Has Been Granted

What You Need to Know
To Ensure Compliance
October 2014
Policies, Rules & Regulations that Govern
Sponsored Travel at the University of Oregon
OMB Circular A-21,
Section J.53, Travel
& Uniform
Guidance 2 CFR
Costs incurred by employees and
officers for travel, including costs of
lodging, other subsistence, and
incidental expenses, shall be
considered reasonable and allowable
only to the extent such costs do not
exceed charges normally allowed by
the institution in its regular
operations as the result of the
institution’s written travel policy.
Costs charged to an award must
meet the direct charging standards
of allowable, allocable, reasonable,
necessary, and consistent.
If these costs are charged directly to
the Federal award, documentation
must justify that:
Participation of the individual is
necessary to the Federal award; and
The costs are reasonable and
consistent with non-Federal entity’s
established travel policy.
What Does The OMB Guidance
Mean For UO Travel?
• The OMB Circulars require that travel expenses on sponsored awards be treated
consistently with the institution’s travel policies.
• Unless otherwise restricted/allowed by a sponsor, all travel on sponsored awards must
adhere to UO travel policies.
• Strong information linking the travel to the goals and scope of the work on the project
is required on each document related to the travel expenses.
Fly America
 The Fly America Act is federal legislation outside of the OMB
guidance that also applies to all federal funding.
 All foreign travel airfare expenses on federal projects (prime
funded or subawarded to UO) must be in compliance with the
Fly America Act.
 Air travel to foreign destinations must be on US Flag Carriers
unless certain exceptions are met.
 SPS Fly America Compliance form must be completed for all
foreign travel on federal funding, and be retained by the
department with travel documents.
 If an exception is being claimed, route the form to your Post
Award team for review prior to purchasing the airfare.
 Non-compliant airfare is unallowable on the project, and will
have to be paid by another funding source.
Sponsor Regulations
& Award Document
 Please be aware of the terms
and conditions of your award.
 Due to reduced funding and
new regulations, many sponsors
limit travel expenses.
 Prior approval from the sponsor
may be required for:
 Travel not included in the
proposal budget and
 Foreign Travel
 Other special circumstances
 Contact Post Award for any
questions about the award
notice, or for assistance with the
prior approval process.
Institutional Policies
Follow standard UO Travel Office Guidance
unless otherwise instructed by a sponsor!
The Technical Details of Sponsored Travel
 Follow UO Travel policy
unless there are further
restrictions from the
 Business purpose is
required for all travel
documents, no exception for
sponsored indexes.
 Include the who, what,
when, where, why for the
trip on all related BANNER
(reimbursements, airfare,
conference registrations,
etc.), clearly linking the
travel to the project.
 Include why the travel was
necessary on the project.
 When purchasing an airline
ticket that will benefit
multiple indexes through
the travel office, provide a
departmental index for the
 Once the charge posts, JV
the allocable amounts to the
project indexes with
complete justification
information in the document
 We cannot charge anything
to a sponsored index that
does not meet the direct
charging guidelines.
 If part of the funding is
federal, ensure that the
airfare is Fly America
Contact Sponsored Projects Services for any travel questions
related to your sponsored projects!

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