20 Challenge Ambassador Presentation

To make Barbados the #1 entrepreneurial hub in the world by 2020
Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation
What is the Barbados Entrepreneurship
• The BEF was formed in 2010, born from a vision to make
Barbados the #1 entrepreneurial hub in the world. The BEF is
led by Celeste Foster, CEO, former President of the Barbados
Small Business Association and a group of local and
international entrepreneurs called the E-Team.
• The BEF comprises 5 main pillars: finance, government policy,
mentorship, business facilitation, and education & talent.
The $20 Challenge is an initiative of the education & talent
pillar led by Keith Miller.
BEF $20 Challenge
What is the $20 Challenge?
• 4th and 5th form students in secondary schools across
Barbados are invited to participate.
• Each school is assigned 1-2 ambassadors.
• Every participating student is loaned $20 to start a business.
• Students are taught and mentored throughout the
competition period by the ambassadors.
• Students share information regarding their efforts.
• Winners are chosen!
$20 Challenge Ambassador
What is an ambassador?
• Ambassadors have been handpicked by the $20 Challenge
task force.
• They are all entrepreneurs – big and small alike, covering a
wide range of business sectors in Barbados.
• They are dedicated, innovative and enthusiastic.
• YOU!
What is the Ambassador’s role?
1. To contact the principal of the school and
arrange to deliver a presentation on the $20
2. To encourage students to participate in the $20
Challenge, including collecting application forms
and distributing $20s.
3. To establish a relationship with a contact at the
school and to arrange weekly training/mentoring
sessions with the interested students.
What is the Ambassador’s role?
4. To conduct weekly training sessions. *All
training material will be provided to you but can
be edited to suit.
5. To initiate and participate in general Facebook
discussions regarding the $20 Challenge on the
$20 Challenge page.
6. To remain in contact with your students during
the competition period via email or Facebook and
to encourage dialogue regarding the project.
What is the Ambassador’s role?
7. To ensure as best as possible that students
document their project efforts throughout the
8. To collect ‘journals’ at the end of the
9. To ensure as best as possible a fun and
motivating experience regarding
• The school contact is important. The role of the contact is
to help collect applications/$20s, gather the participating
students before your arrival each week and provide you
with the location and equipment necessary to conduct the
training. Ensure that this is clear.
• The training/mentoring sessions should ideally include only
the students participating in the challenge.
• These sessions will include a brief presentation, activities
and a (fun) assignment.
• Application forms, presentations, training material will all
be made available to you.
• Encourage students to document their experience from the
onset of the Challenge.
• Make it fun.
• Relate to the students – embrace FB.
• Encourage creativity and innovation by displaying the same
characteristics during your training/mentoring sessions.
• Be enthusiastic.
• Tap into your networks to support the students’ efforts.
• Take pictures (please!)
• Share your experiences with the $20 Challenge task force to
encourage future improvements to the programme.
Training Manual / Declaration Form
Student Guidelines
Introductory Presentation
To make Barbados the #1 entrepreneurial hub in the world by 2020

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