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The first character to
enter Narnia.
Who is Lucy?
The child who betrayed
the other children.
Who is Edmund?
The character shown
Who is the White Witch?
The character shown
Who is Aslam?
The first person Lucy
meets in Narnia.
Who is Mr. Tumnus?
‘Son of Adam, I should so
much like to see your
brother and your two
sisters. Will you bring
them to me? I’d then be
able to give you some
more Turkish Delight.’
Who is the White Witch?
‘Oh, of course. It’s my
handkerchief-the one I
gave to poor Mr.
Who is Lucy?
‘Hand it to me and
kneel, Son of Adam.
Whatever happens,
never forget to wipe your
Who is Aslam?
'I will tell Her Majesty.
Meanwhile, stand still on
the threshold, as you
value your life.'
Who is Fenris Ulf ?
'Please, your Majesty, we
were given them. And if I
might make so bold as to
drink to your Majesty's
very good health--'
Who is the fox?
A fantasy creature that
has the body and face of
a man, but the legs,
hooves, tail, and horns of
a goat
What is a faun?
A word meaning rule
What is reign?
A place where coats are
hung (as shown below).
What is a wardrobe?
Another name for sleigh.
What is a sledge?
A delicious and magical
What is Turkish delight?
The gift Father Christmas
gave Mrs. Beaver.
What is a sewing
The gifts Susan received
from Father Christams.
What is a bow, arrow,
and a horn?
What gift did Father
Christmas give Peter?
What is a shield and a
Lucy’s gift from Father
What is a potion?
Mr. Beaver’s gift from
Father Christmas.
What is a repaired and
finished home?
The reason the children
couldn’t go outside the
day Lucy discovered the
What is rain?
The reason the children
apologized to the
What is for losing four
After defeating Maugrim
the wolf, what Peter
forgets to do.
What is wipe his sword?
What the witch disguise
herself and her servant
as, when the rescue
party comes to take
What is a a tree-stump
and a boulder?
The reason the kids had
to go live with the
What are air raids?
Upon entering Narnia,
what Lucy first saw.
What is a lamppost?
Who the Beavers, Susan,
Lucy, and Peter saw
when they crawled out of
the cave.
Who is Father
The event that occurred
that let the residents of
Narnia know that the
Witches magic was
getting weak.
What is melting snow?
What happened when
the White Witch waved
her magic wand.
What is turn
animals/people into
The person that is set
free when the White
Witch's powers start to
Who is Father

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