Gen C

Generation C and You(tube)
Todd Merry
Chief Marketing Officer
A. Introducing Gen C – The YouTube Generation
B. Introducing the new video celebrity – The
C. What this could mean to your business
D. Who can help
Generation C
Gen C is a powerful new force in consumer
culture. It’s a term we use to describe people
who care deeply about creation, curation,
connection, and community. It’s not an age
group; it’s an attitude and mindset - and
here are 8 of its defining characteristics.
Gen C is a state of mind
of millennials is made up of
Gen C 1 – YouTube’s core
(though by no means only)
audience2. But Gen C is
more than an age-group;
it’s a mindset defined by
creation, curation,
connection and
1. Forrester Technographics Q2 2012
2. 2. YouTube, ComScore Metric Jan 2013, Nielsen4
Netview Dec 12
Gen C strives for expression
Fueling culture with photos,
videos, memes,
of Gen C uploads their
own photos to social
3. Engaging Generation C, November 2012
Gen C is a taste-maker
Gen C sets the trends and
determines what’s going to be
popular next, with an influence
that accounts for
of spending a year in the US
For Gen C, decision-making is a
team sport...
of Gen C relies on peer
approvals for buying
4. Barkley’s
5. Engaging Generation C, November 2012
Gen C defines the social network
Social interactions give Gen C its
sense of self. They are what they
share, like, +1, comment on, and
of Gen C has a social profile,
updating it daily6
6. Forrester Technologies Q2 2012
YouTube is Gen C’s habitat for
Gen C is twice as likely to
be a YouTube viewer
than the general
population7 – and
more likely to be only a
light TV viewer8
7. GfK- MRI, Spring 2012
8. GfK- MRI, Spring 2012
Gen C is constantly connected
Gen C eats, sleeps, and
breathes the internet
across devices. Literally...
of Gen C sleeps next to a
9. Engaging Generation C, November 2012
Gen C connects on all screens
With falling data costs and
rising network speeds, mobile
video is set to explode.
YouTube has the same reach
with Gen C on smartphones as
it does on desktop – in fact
of Gen C with a smartphone
watch YouTube.
Year-on-year the number of
Gen Cs watching YouTube on
smartphones has increased by
10. YouTube-Nielsen Multiscreen Audience Study 10
November-December 2012
Gen C values relevance and
Gen C values great
conversations that are
aligned with its own
aren’t opposed to ads
when they are relevant11
11. YouTube-Nielsen Multiscreen Audience Study 11
November-December 2012
In their own words
Meet Gen C
If you want to be on TV be a chef,
not an actor
The first truly popular TV cooking show was “The French
Chef” with Julia Child begun in 1963
The first celebrity chef – a true chef turned TV star – was
Emeril Lagasse on “Emeril Live” in 1997
There are approximately 100+ cooking series on American
TV in any given week
8 out of 10 Americans have watched a cooking show in
the last month
57% of Americans have purchased a product they have
seen on a cooking show
The Food Network has been in the top 10 of basic cable
channels for the last four years
From Top Chefs…
…to Impossible Chefs…
…to Chopped Chefs…
…to cursing chefs...
…to home chefs.
Gen C, Video and You
• Gen C is not a passing fad but the future of
how customers consumer content
• People love to watch people cook
• You, and your teams, cook!
• How can we leverage the intersection of two,
ongoing mega-trends?
Idea 1: Sportservice
• Customer Reality: Many fans will eat outside the
park before coming in – tailgating, local restaurants or
Business Challenge: Get people excited about
eating at the ballpark
Gen C Idea: Invite selected fans into the kitchens
before the game (or on an off-day), video a food demo
for them
The Hook: We post it, fans post it, lots of people see
it, people get excited about eating at the
Idea 2: THS
• Customer Reality: People have choices at most of our
airport locations – and they often believe that airport food
isn’t “real” food
Business Challenge: Get people to choose our location
and to look forward to eating there when they travel (“my
vacation starts when I pass through security and get a table
at the Food Network Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale…”)
Gen C Idea: Video short demos of our chefs at the
airport, 2-3 minutes, and post them up on YouTube and
other travel sites
The Hook: We post it, fans post it, lots of people see it,
people get excited about eating at our airports locations
Idea 3: G&E
• Customer Reality: Competition for customers
increases daily in regional gaming – larger competitors
often become the weekend destination of choice
Business Challenge: Capture that Friday/Saturday
night visit
Gen C Idea: Set up cooking demos/classes out on
the floor on a Friday/Saturday night. Send out invites
to get customers to the events
The Hook: We post it, fans post it, lots of people see
it, people get excited about eating at our restaurants
and come to the location on a Friday or Saturday night
Idea 4: P&R
• Customer Reality: In the off-season or shoulder
season it’s tougher to attract customers
Business Challenge: Get more people to your
location – for a meal or a stay
Gen C Idea: Create an off-season weekly cook-offs
between your in-house chefs, in front of guests
The Hook: We post it, fans post it, lots of people see
it, maybe the news picks it up, people get excited
about coming to your location. Your chefs get to be
creative and have some fun
Who can help you?
These folks
can help you
create the
These folks can
help you get
the content in
front of your
Victoria Hong –
video veteran
Jesse Baier – culinary
Maria Corrales –
digital diva
Kerry Hassen – social
What – I hope – you have taken
away from today
• A large number of your customers love content creating, consuming, curating
• And they make buying decisions based on what
they see
• And everyone loves food content – especially
seeing chefs cook (who knew?)
• And you are chefs/culinarians – you are in
• We can help you become Gen C stars!

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