HSB Council Meeting - Saint Joseph's University

HSB Council Meeting
Sept. 9th 2008
Approval of may 2008 minutes - TJ
Introduction to the new officers and exec committee- TJ
Introduction of new faculty – Joe Larkin
New curriculum process – Dean DiAngelo
Curriculum implementation - TJ
AOL – Ron Klimberg
Old business
New business
HSB Executive Council 2008-2009
Joe Larkin - Accounting - Chair
Virginia Miori - DSS - Secretary
Raj Sharma - Finance
Nancy Childs - Food Marketing
Bill Trombetta - Pharm Marketing
Kenneth Kury - Management
Natalie Wood - Marketing
Curriculum Implementation
 Father Lannon signed the document
 Goes to board of Trustees in October
 Implementation is a multi-year
Issues Discussed
 How to graduate students with only a portion of the new
curriculum in place?
 How to graduate students who can opt for either
 Can First Year Seminars (FYS) be taken by upper
classmen; can other courses satisfy FYS during
 Implications for Facilities, esp. regarding science labs for
non-majors – 8 year phase-in.
 Course certification committees should be formed with
equal representational faculty membership.
Issues Discussed
 How should faculty be selected for:
 First Year Seminar (need 60 sections, offered fall &
 Diversity
 Globalization
 Non-western tradition
 Ethics Intensive
 Writing Intensive
 GEP Assessment
 Faith and Reason Course (not representationalfaculty from affected areas)
Composition of Implementation
Task Force
 Implementation Task Force needs to be formed as
 9 members: 2 faculty from each college, 2 faculty
from Faculty Senate (1 HSB, 1 CAS), 2 deans and
Registrar, ex officio; all faculty should be tenured.
 Faculty Senate Executive Committee proposes 1 from
each college, to be confirmed by the Faculty Senate.
 College Councils determine method of selection and
determine 2 representatives each and report to John
Tudor so Senate can balance in terms of rank, gender
and division. CAS should nominate faculty from two
different divisions.
 Chair should be elected by members of the Task
Charges for Implementation
Task Force
Devise plan to implement new curriculum.
Establish timeline for phase-in & identify what should be
ready by what date.
Co-ordinate transition from old to new curriculum.
Determine logistical ramifications for phase-in and work
with administration to coordinate impact of new curriculum
on facilities.
Determine rationale and faculty eligibility for course
development funds.
Recommend how course development grants should be
prioritized & administered.
Recommend how to establish course certification
committees; each committee should elect its own chair;
College Councils recommend 3 faculty for each committee.
Administer the appointment of faculty to the certification
Term Limit
 Term of service for Implementation
Task Force should be indeterminate
with a minimum of 3 years but
renewable; need to hire/compensate
support staff person, maybe from
Thank You

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